How Marshall Day Acoustics Used Powernet to Boost Their Cybersecurity 

Established in 1981, Marshall Day Acoustics has grown to one of the largest and most respected acoustic companies in the world. At their core, Marshall Day is a team of acoustic engineers who work on high end complex projects both in building acoustics and environmental noise control and have offices in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.   

Providing services across the aviation, civic, commercial, education, energy, marine, arts, planning and transportation industries. 

Powernet helped us set up a new secure network which is much easier to manage. Powernet provides a multifaceted service with a depth of knowledge to draw upon from various experts. 

Martin Butyn


Marshall Day are engaging in more complex and sensitive projects that require a higher level of IT security to ensure their and their client’s data is kept safe. 

They required a secure network where users and applications could be easily managed and audited, and that was completely separate to their primary network.


George Fethers
George Fethers



Powernet setup a secure, cloud-based network that is separate to Marshall Day’s primary network. One that is easy for them to manage and audit when required and provides an easy way for their team to access the network, securely, from anywhere.


The Results

Marshall Day has a completely separate, secure and accessible network that meets their cybersecurity requirements. It is easy for them to manage and audit when required. 

This project has allowed us to continue working on and bidding for new projects of this nature and has given us proper oversight over the secure network. Says Butyn

Powernet is very good at resolving and following up on any issues. Dedicated services like that are one of the reasons why we engaged Powernet to set up this network.

‘Powernet provides a great service with a depth of knowledge to draw upon from various experts.’