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Microsoft Office 365 is a blend of business productivity applications, that supports collaboration and mobility through digital, cloud-based, transformation. It is a complete solution for businesses looking for a way to keep their technology flexible. 

Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10 Pro, and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) – are offered at different levels via a number of business subscription plans.

Microsoft Office 365 for business utilises the latest in cloud-based technology to enable employees to work from anywhere, within a cyber-secure environment. Giving businesses the opportunity to offer flexibility and productivity around the clock.

Windows 10 gives you a subscription to a lifetime operating system, this means you will never need to buy an operating system again. Windows 10 is a solution that you can keep “for life”, and that is always up to date.

Scalability is one of the biggest advantages of Microsoft 365. As your business changes, your subscription level can scale up or down with it. You have full control over adding or removing additional services through the admin centre. Having all of your business tools in one toolbox makes it easy to integrate with your other technology platforms.

Powernet will help you identify which Microsoft solution is best suited for your business. Tapping into our deep knowledge and extensive experience of the Microsoft suite, combined with our 26+ years of experience, we’ll help you make the most of the Microsoft product suite.

we have helped many businesses make the move to ms365. you are in experienced hands with us leading your migration project.

tips for a successful migration

  1. Understand where your technology is today. 
    Did you know when you upgrade to MS365 you may need to reinstall Microsoft Office on your computers? This is to ensure you’ve got the right version for your license and you’re always able to upgrade when there’s a new release. 
    You may run into issues if you don’t do this step.

  2. Choosing the right plan
    There are a few different plans to choose from, knowing which one you need to cover the features you’re after is important.

  3. Communication plan & product champions
    The key to success for any business change is communicating with your team before the changes take place, allocating change champions and getting buy in from your team.

  4. Training
    If you’re introducing Microsoft Teams to your workforce for the first time, providing them with training to ensure they know how to use it securely and effectively is important.

  5. Beware of being tempted to set it up yourself
    While a number of elements are simple to setup, there are some more complex technical elements that require technical expertise to ensure you are setup in a safe way. 

microsoft 365 Case Studies

Acceptance Finance Team

acceptance finance

‘Microsoft Outlook and Teams have become a key part of our daily productively, allowing us to connect with our clients and each other. 

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Peter Sheppard Office 365 Case Study

peter sheppard

Everyone loves the flexibility of Microsoft 365, the ability to work across different devices with access to all files and platforms in real time no matter the location or device. 

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