NFP Security Benefits

Is your business utilising Microsoft's NFP benefits to their full potential?

Powernet has been empowering non-profit and charity organisations throughout Australia to be more secure and productive with Microsoft for over 27 years.  Non-profits face unique challenges and as such, we offer a range of assessments to assist these organisations in their cloud journey.   

Free NFP Security Benefits Assessment 

We’ve all had to quickly adapt the way we work over the last couple of years. Hastily implemented remote and flexible working environments have presented new opportunities for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, non-profit and charity organisations are not immune to attacks. Through its NFP licensing programs, Microsoft provides solutions to help protect non-profit and charity organisations from threats. However, it can be challenging to understand eligibility requirements or how to fully utilise benefits from licensing you’ve already acquired.


Powernet, in conjunction with Microsoft, want to help non-profit and charity organisations become more secure and are offering a FREE NFP security benefits assessment, valued at $1,400.


Built using the Microsoft Secure Score, ASD Essential 8 and NIST security frameworks, this confidential assessment with you/your team evaluates major risk factors, gaps in your security, improvement opportunities, first-dollar responses, and how best to move forward to a more effective security stance, taking advantage of the Microsoft benefits for non-profit and charity organisations.

  • Full security benefits gap analysis for your organisation
  • Personal consultation and explanation of your results
  • Recommendations of next steps
  • Quick wins for Microsoft Secure & ASD8 compliance requirements

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