Achieving your Non-profit Mission Securely in a Remote-First World

Powernet and The Tech for Social Impact (TSI) team at Microsoft recently hosted the digital event: Achieving your Nonprofit Mission Securely in a Remote-First World. The COVID pandemic continues to affect the way we work here in Australia. More than ever before, nonprofit organisations of all sizes must embrace more flexible and innovative methods to continue to engage effectively with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. But, with greater flexibility and an increased digital surface area, nonprofits can leave themselves exposed to security and compliance issues: cyberattacks, stolen data, and security breaches.

During this session, spoke about reducing risk and accelerating your mission affordably and without a burden on resources. We demonstrated how nonprofits can optimise for higher maturity levels on the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight framework by taking full advantage of Microsoft’s nonprofit programs and cloud technologies.


  • The role of security in furthering your mission
  • Get and stay secure through Microsoft’s nonprofit cloud program
  • Microsoft 365 & Azure security overview
  • Achieving security maturity and compliance with Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Azure
    • Securing your growing number of devices
    • Combatting shadow IT
    • Secure backup
  • Quick wins & resources to get started today
  • Q&A

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