Business Continuity

Protecting your business from life’s foreseen events

It only takes one person to click on the wrong email and all your data could be lost. Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated every day and it only takes a second for your whole network to be shut down.

Do you have the right business continuity tools in place so you can keep working through these events? No matter how big or small, backup and disaster recovery and business continuity is important for everyone.


of companies said they experienced a full data disaster.


of small businesses have been the victim of a cyber attack.


hours is the average down time midsize companies have every year.


Of small businesses that experience major data loss go out of business within a year.

We have helped thousands of businesses setup business continuity plans that fit their size and budget

Backup & Disaster recovery services

Just a few of the services we offer under the backup and disaster recovery umbrella

cloud app backup

Add extra protection to your MS365, GSuite or other cloud app service and back it up to a separate location. 

internet redundancy

Do you have a plan in place if the internet to your office drops out for a day? We can help you get setup with redundancy in your connectivity.

multi site redunancy

Want to create a backup site, or setup two of your offices to talk to each other? We can help!

server & workstation backup

Back up basics with backup, we can help you back your computers and servers up. Whether it’s to a hard drive, NAS or to the cloud, we’ll help you decide what is best. 

how downtime affects your bottom line

Business Continuity

People and Systems Costs

  • Lost sales revenue
  • Lost employee productivity
  • Missed deadlines that result in employee overtime
  • No communication; no email
  • All internal business processes will cease – billing, HR, intranet, etc.

Physical Damage Costs

  • Cost to restore IT systems
  • Materials lost/disposal and cleanup costs
Business Continuity
Business Continuity

Reputation & Compliance Costs

  • The financial impact of customer dissatisfaction
  • Contract penalties
  • Compliance violations, if applicable
  • IT and employee recovery costs

Calculating the cost of downtime

The cost of a technology outage can cripple a business. Use our Recovery Time & Downtime Cost Calculator to
focus on a handful of simple metrics that might come into play during a downtime event, and start a general
analysis of what an outage could mean to your business. 


While there is a backup component built in to Microsoft 365, we recommend using an external backup tool as well. If your account was to be compromised, it’s important to have  

A BCP plan should include everything, not just technology. From where people will work, to how you will communicate to your team and clients. We have BCP templates and can work with you to build it out for your business. 

Disaster recovery refers to how you will recover in the event of a business disaster, and the technology that supports it. Business continuity is how your business will continue to operate through these events and the technology that supports it.

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