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Risk Assessment

Is your business cyber safe?

An IT Risk Assessment can help you understand where your business’ cybersecurity is at, where your vulnerabilities are and what you can do to protect yourself.

Our assessments are run using the ACSC Essential 8 recommendations and NIST security framework methodologies.

Cost of an assessment


Prices start from $1,600

A quick, one day review of your business. We’ll do a basic check and provide you with some quick fix options.

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2 Day Review

Prices start from $2,880

Need a bit more? We’ll spend two days diving into your business, looking at what vulnerabilities exist and creating a plan to fix them.

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1 Week Intensive

Prices start from $6,800

For the security concious business, we’ll deep dive into all areas of your business and give you a comprehensive plan to get cyber secure.

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Why do an IT risk assessment?

Identify security threats & vulnerabilities

Conducting an IT risk assessment can help identify vulnerabilities in your existing IT infrastructure and applications, before they are exploited by hackers. Action can then be taken to fix these, reducing your IT risk and the potential impact of a Cybersecurity breach.

Gauge security awareness

An IT risk assessment will involve your IT team (whether internal or outsourced), and members of other teams. This will help you understand how much your business understands cybersecurity and which teams need training. A common outcome of our IT risk assessments is training to improve staff awareness. You can start by sharing our Cyber Security training video with your team.

Enhance security policies

By tying IT risk to your risk management policies, it can help create a Cybersecurity culture. This will improve your overall security and help identify what security strategies best suit your business.

Create a security investment business case

Reviewing IT infrastructure and looking at the potential impact of a cyber attack can help make a business case for security spending. We can help you identify the cost of investing in security vs. the cost of a breach and potential data loss.


Certainly! We can review all of your technology.
We’ll help. Our assessments all come with with an action plan at the end, detailing the steps you need to take to get cyber secure.
Generally speaking yes however, sometimes we do need to go onsite, depending on your setup. We’ll let you know what needs to happen before you sign up.
Sure can! We can work independently or with your IT team, whether they’re internal or outsourced.

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