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Cyber Security Checklist for 2021

Cyber security is only getting more important for businesses, not less. As more businesses move their data online and rely on the internet for more essential functions of their business, hackers and other cybercriminals have even more opportunities to take advantage of the system.

That means that businesses need to be more careful than ever when it comes to their own cybersecurity.

You need to know what kinds of threats are out there, how to prevent your business from becoming vulnerable, and what to do in case of an attack.

Here’s a basic cybersecurity checklist to help you get started. Of course, you can always reach out for cyber security consulting and other services to help make sure your business is protected.

Get a Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are one of the most important ways to tell whether your business is ready to handle a cyber-attack. A risk assessment considers your current cyber security measures, what data is accessible, and what risk level your business is at if you were attacked right then.

Most risk assessments also include an assessment of what you can do to help improve your cyber security. That will give you a framework of the changes you can make immediately, as well as a better idea of what improvements you can make over the long term.

If you’re ready to improve your business’s cybersecurity right away, a risk assessment is one of the best first steps you can take.

Learn About Cyber Security Threats

Of course, you should also be proactive about learning about cybersecurity threats on your own. Cyber security consulting can help, but your business will be much safer if you know what kind of threats you’re dealing with.

There are a lot of open-source resources you can use to get a better understanding of cyber security, how to protect your data, and what kinds of threats are out there.

Only once you fully understand the scope and kinds of threats out there will you be able to make an effective cyber security plan.

Of course, if you’re looking for help addressing your cyber security, we offer cyber security services consulting. As one of Australia’s top cyber security and IT companies, we’re happy to help.

It’s also important to know that a large percentage of cyber security threats come from inside businesses. Threats from negligence are just as common as malicious ones, but cybercriminals will take advantage of both just as readily.

Knowing the most recent threats, and how businesses have countered them, can also help you prevent attacks before they happen.

Create Cyber Security Rules

As a business, it's important to have rules to protect your cyber security. These can range from as simple as having your employees create a unique password for their accounts to more detailed procedures to help protect your business's data.

Here are some of the most important cybersecurity rules you may want to consider.

Multifactor Authentication: Multifactor authentication means providing a secondary way to confirm your identity when you log in. For instance, you may be prompted to enter a security code that was texted to your cell phone after entering your password.

Multifactor authentication is most commonly used when logging in from a new device for the first time.

Regular Password Changes: Changing passwords every few months can be important for maintaining your cybersecurity. Without changing passwords they can get easier to guess, and you run a greater risk of employees using duplicated passwords. Mandating password changes once a year, at least, is a good way to help protect your business data.

Backup Your Data Regularly: Cloud backups help protect your data from cyber-attacks, and may make it easier to recover from those attacks if your data is lost or damaged. Many businesses back up their most important files every day, but you should back up at least once a week if you collect a lot of digital data.

Update All Systems Promptly: Most software companies try to stay on top of current cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities and release regular updates to help protect your hardware from software weaknesses. The sooner you install those updates, the more secure your system will be.

Train Against Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is one of the most common ways for cybercriminals to get the information they need to access your system and cause harm. Social engineering is usually a lot easier than trying to exploit software weaknesses and doesn’t require a lot of technical skill to accomplish.

In fact, most cyber security companies offer training to help prevent social engineering attacks from being successful since this is one of the hardest vulnerabilities to control.

Make sure your employees can access information about social engineering attacks, how to detect them, and how to avoid giving away important personal information online. Many social media memes also ask for the same kind of personal information social engineers look for, so educating about those risks is also important.

Bring in Cybersecurity Consulting

Even if you’ve already had a risk assessment and taken steps to help protect your cyber security, it’s still a good idea to bring in a cyber security consulting company to help. Cyber security companies specialize in staying on top of current threats and knowing how to respond to problems when they arise.

If you’re looking for cyber security in Sydney our offices may be able to help. We also offer cyber security in Brisbane and Melbourne so you can get the professional consulting services you need anywhere in Australia.

Consulting services are also helpful for businesses that have already been victim of a cyber security attack. Cyber security companies can help isolate the threat, recover data, and minimize the damage from an attack.

Of course, if you’re looking for more resources to help you learn about cyber security, we can help. We’ve put together a guide to cyber security designed to help businesses and individuals recognize possible threats and address them before they become a serious problem for your business.

Remember, cyber security takes constant effort and updates. Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to attack your business, which means you should be on the lookout for new ways to protect yourself and your business.

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