Cyber Security

Managed CyberSecurity Services for Business

How we can protect your business


Our cyber security team can help you achieve your compliance requirements by assessing your current state and identifying gaps. 


Our team operates to a cycle, ensuring your business is regularly checked and kept up to date with the latest trends in cyber security.​


Our support teams run 24/7 ensuring that you have access to support, whenever your business needs it. ​

Technology Diversity

We work with the top technology platforms in the cyber security space. Ensuring you have access to the best systems.

Our Cybersecurity team has over 26 years of experience in protecting and recovering businesses from cyber attacks.

how our security suites work

Our teams operate to the Australian Government’s Essential 8 and the US Government’s NIST framework. We know that Cyber security is essential to your business’ success and have a security team ready to protect your business and help you get compliant with these frameworks. 


We use a combination of the industry leading technology platforms and partners to achieve the most robust cyber security setups for our clients. 
  • Email filtering
  • Web filtering
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Crypto prevention
  • Firewalls
  • Endpoint protection 
  • Dark web monitoring 
  • Encryption
  • Managed threat response
  • Wireless security
  • Penetration testing 
  • Password management
  • SIEM and audit logging
  • Backup services
  • Cloud security 

Other Services

Technology is just one part of the equation when it comes to being cyber secure. Is your workforce educated in how to protect themselves online? We run training, regular phishing tests, among many other services to help your team be safe in their online travels. 
  • Cyber security training
  • Phishing tests
  • Risk assessments
  • Policy creation
  • Business continuity planning
  • Security certifications


It’s a good start but today you need more cybersecurity technology in place to protect you.

We sure do! Our cybersecurity team work to the ASD Essential 8 recommendations and NIST security framework methodologies.

Yes we can! We run IT Security Assessments all the time. Regular reviews are an essential part of keeping your business safe from cyber crime.

Many of our clients utilise our vCIO services to build out an Incident Response plan that details how their business would recover from an incident.

Utilising your unique Incident Response Plan, combined with our responsive IT support and cyber security teams, we work together combining all of these skills to keep your business operating safely. 

Cyber security Case Studies

Marshall Day

Realising that their IT security systems were outdated and could, therefore, expose them to potential risks, Marshall Day implemented Powernet’s proactive Unlimited Support plan.

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Along with the Office 365 Upgrade, Glenco provisioned a new server, which allowed for scalability and efficiency gains, all while increasing the security of their overall environment.

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Commercial Kitchen Company

“Powernet has been able to find solutions that worked really well for our business. Our Brisbane office is now secure and we no longer have dropouts,” says Vella.

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