IT Business Continuity Services

Protecting your business from life’s unforeseen events

In an ever-changing digital landscape, your business needs the right partner to weather all potential IT storms. Introducing Powernet’s premium Business Continuity Services, your ultimate safeguard against information technology disruptions. 

In the modern world, every second counts. Downtime can cost your business not only in financial terms but also in customer trust and market position. Our Business Continuity Services ensure your IT systems remain invulnerable to unexpected disruptions, from data breaches to natural disasters.


of companies said they experienced a full data disaster.


of small businesses have been the victim of a cyber attack.


hours is the average down time midsize companies have every year.


Of small businesses that experience major data loss go out of business within a year.

Custom Business Continuity Plans

We provide a multi-layered approach to data protection, using cutting-edge technology and best industry practices. We specialize in risk management, recovery planning, and incident response to ensure your vital systems are up and running 24/7. With our services, you gain robust data backup solutions, swift disaster recovery, and seamless system migration capabilities, maintaining business as usual, no matter the circumstances.

Our team comprises experts who understand your industry and the unique challenges you face. They are dedicated to building a custom continuity plan that fits your specific business needs and objectives.

We have helped thousands of businesses setup business continuity plans that fit their size and budget

Backup & Disaster recovery services

Just a few of the services we offer under the backup and disaster recovery umbrella

cloud app backup

Add extra protection to your MS365, GSuite or other cloud app service and back it up to a separate location. 

internet redundancy

Do you have a plan in place if the internet to your office drops out for a day? We can help you get setup with redundancy in your connectivity.

multi site redunancy

Want to create a backup site, or setup two of your offices to talk to each other? We can help!

server & workstation backup

Back up basics with backup, we can help you back your computers and servers up. Whether it’s to a hard drive, NAS or to the cloud, we’ll help you decide what is best. 



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Invest in our Business Continuity Services today to safeguard your vital IT infrastructure and data. Don’t let an unforeseen event threaten your productivity and profitability. Our services offer the peace of mind you need, ensuring your business is always ready for the future, regardless of what it holds.

Take the proactive step to secure your business continuity. Your success is our commitment.