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Harness the power of the cloud 

Whether you’re on-premises, hybrid or completely in the cloud— Microsoft Azure will help you create cyber secure, future-ready solutions.


of SMBs work runs in the cloud.


of third party add-on’s can plugin to Microsoft 365.


better performance.


reduced security incidents on modern devices.

As Microsoft gold partners, you are in safe hands getting setup with azure through powernet

Microsoft Azure is an adaptable technology platform, that can power your applications, file storage and disaster recovery needs. Azure provides a cyber secure and reliable platform to build out your technology suite.


With business requirements constantly changing, your technology suite must keep up. Azure provides the adaptability to spin up and remove cloud servers quickly. You can scale up and scale down your business workloads, all based on Microsoft’s enterprise level technology platforms.

  • 60% of businesses see digital transformation as contributing to operational efficiency and streamlining processes.
  • IT modernisation can increase employee motivation by up to 40%
  • In 2007, only 21% of the world’s population had access to the Internet. Now more than 47% of people, even in remote areas, are online

Financial SAVING

Microsoft Azure presents the ability to scale up or down faster than most other platforms, and allows you to only pay for what you consume.

Need to spin up 2 servers for a week? Only pay for what you use. Azure provides you with fast access to enterprise level technology platforms.

  • The average office worker  wastes 21 days per year due to outdated technology.
  • 41% of business users have critical company data trapped in legacy systems that cannot be accessed by cloud services.
  • 92% of businesses expect the cloud to increase revenue over the next two years.

Completely Outsourced IT

Utilising cloud servers through Azure means you may not need servers onsite. This means you can have a truly outsourced, subscription based technology setup. We can create your Microsoft Azure environment and manage it completely for you.

Technology as You Need it

Do you need to increase your server resources temporarily, or perhaps you need to reduce them for a couple of months. Azure gives you the flexibility to add and remove resources as you require them. 

  • 48% of businesses say new technology will influence growth over the next three years
  • 72% of SMB decision makers say that technology can help them improve the way they run their business

Increase your Cyber Security

Using Azure means you get access to Microsoft’s enterprise-level, cybersecurity technology. 

  • Cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2055
  • An estimated 111 billion lines of new software code are produced each year — creating a massive number of vulnerabilities
  • Only 1% of stolen, lost or compromised records are encrypted

Azure services

Some of the many services Microsoft Azure Cloud can offer

App hosting

Do you offer apps or hosted software to your customers? Azure could be the perfect place to host them and to setup a separate dev environment. 

file storage

Azure can be used to securely host traditional file structures.

Hosted servers

If you’re after a more traditional IT setup, you can do this in a modern way through Azure’s cloud servers. Setup Exchange, DC’s, Terminal Services through their hosted server product.


Only after a backup solution for your on-premise servers? Azure is the perfect cloud platform to achieve this.

Case Studies

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Swisse Wellness

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Commercial Kitchen Company

Over the past 7 years, Powernet­ has provided us with constant IT support and advice when required. We now have very minimal downtime due to the updated systems that they have put in place.

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Our previous IT service supplier was not progressive enough and was not meeting our expectations.

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Both platforms are great and offer different benefits. This discussion should be around what you need cloud services for. If you are already using or planning to use other Microsoft services, generally Azure will be the better choice.

One of the great things about utilising large scale cloud platforms, like Azure, is you are accessing enterprise grade technology for a fraction of the cost. Microsoft invest billions of dollars into their infrastructure, giving you access to security technology that you may not otherwise have had. 

We can help you setup multi cloud backup or, if you prefer and it works out to be more suitable, cloud to on premise backup. We’ll work with you to determine the best setup for your business. 

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