How Good Shepherd Australia uses Powernet to Enahnce Their IT Services

Good Shepherd provides critical support services to women, girls, and families experiencing hardship. Their safety, financial, and support services are an essential part of the Australian community, ensuring some of our most vulnerable people have an opportunity to feel safe.

In 2023, Good Shepherd is celebrating their 160 years of operation. 

We support women and children in unsafe situations from the very beginning to empowering them and providing them with the resources to start a new life. Additionally, we offer interest-free loans to those in need, for things like help with purchasing a car, or recovering from a bush fire and accessing government rebates. People work for us because of our mission, our mission is important and everyone who works with Good Shepherd is passionate about delivering that mission” says Scott Hamilton, IT Services Manager.

Powernet has been a partner of Good Shepherd for over 10 years now, and has known Good Shepherd from a small business, to where we are now to 400+ team members."

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Scott Hamilton
IT Services Manager


Good Shepherd has a team of over 400 staff, providing hands-on IT support for everyone can be a challenge for a business of our size. 

Additionally, having access to resources who have varied IT skill sets is something every business can benefit from, particularly when it comes to knowing what the latest trends are for business technology” says Hamilton. 

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Powernet has been a partner of Good Shepherd for over 10 years now, we use Powernet primarily as a Managed IT Service provider, utilising their IT support service across our business. 

Additionally, we have engaged with Powernet’s vCIO service which helps us to understand what we need to do strategically, build a strong foundation, implement best practice processes and creating IT policies. Our vCIO helps us keep focus and steer things when we get caught up in the day to day.” Says Hamilton.

The Results

“Powernet is a one stop shop in terms of IT, they can run your entire IT department, meaning you don’t have to worry about everything. The Account Management structure at Powernet has been great, and having access to a sounding board with our Account Manager and vCIO for external perspective on tenders and decisions we’re making is priceless.” Says Hamilton.