How the National Aging Research Institute uses Powernet to Manage their IT Support

NARI is Australia’s leading national independent research institute, with a focus on aging. Their vision is for a world where older people are healthy, respected, and included. 

As a values-based organisation, people work with NARI because they care about the mission and share the vision to make the world a better place for older people.

"Engaging with Powernet is more like engagement in a partnership rather than with a service provider."

Jessica Currie
Organisational Support Manager


Previously, our IT setup felt disjointed, it added a layer of complexity to everyone’s job and it was difficult to get IT support” says Jessica Currie. 


“We engaged Powernet to take over the management of our technology and provide IT support to our team. The nature of the engagement is a valued partnership, that enables us to focus on the core business of our organisation”

The Results

“Powernet has been great, our experience has been rewarding and collaborative with benefits to both sides. 
It allows us to get on with what we do best, while leaving the technical side to the experts, who are also great at communicating complex IT matters in a way that we can understand. 
Our team appreciates knowing that when they need help, Powernet is always there”  says Currie.