Microsoft teams calling

One platform for all your communication

Microsoft Teams is more than just online meetings. It is a single hub to integrate the people, content, and tools your team needs to work together, even when they need to work apart. Empower your workforce to collaborate, maintain connections and stay productive from anywhere, on any device. 

Microsoft Teams is already included in business Microsoft 365 plans.


Nearly half of people use social tools at work.


There are four times as many electronic devices per user.


An estimated three in four employees work remotely.


The workforce spans five generations.


The average employee spends 80 percent of their time collaborating.

Empower Your workforce with
a cloud-based system, through Microsoft Teams

Secure, productive, and intelligent collaboration

  • Protecting Users and Data

    In Microsoft Teams, protecting your users and data is a key priority, built into the product. Critical native security features, that some other solutions lack, help prevent data loss, stop users from opening malicious files or links, or regulate access based on risk level, helping to keep your users and IP safe. 

  • Enabling Remote Work

    Productive remote work needs more than online meetings. Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork that supports remote collaboration end-to-end―so your teams can meet online, co-author seamlessly, keep context with persistent in-channel discussions, and more, all from a single platform. This means, your users don't lose productivity working across multiple interfaces.

  • Creating an Inclusive Workplace

    Microsoft Teams is a platform that helps your entire workforce be productive remotely, no matter their abilities, language, workstyle, or  technical skill. It delivers an intelligent, inclusive experience with features like real-time live captioning or automated workflows and easily scales to enable large cross-company meetings and live events.

  • The Same Software That You Know & Love

    Already using Teams for chat? Adding on Teams Calling means your workforce doesn't need to learn a whole new system. Not using Teams yet? Microsoft Teams is already part of your business Microsoft 365 subscription, it has the same look and feel as the rest of the Microsoft app suite making it easy for your workforce to use.

Teams Calling

Teams Calling Plans

Teams Calling Basic
5-24 users

Basic Teams Calling features with dedicated channels for each user.

Prices starting from
$30 per user per month

Teams Calling Shared
25-99 users

Basic Teams Calling features with shared channels.

Prices starting from
$20 per user per month

Teams Calling Enhanced
100+ Users

Basic Teams Calling features with advanced telephony add-in features available.

Prices starting from
$34 per user per month

Microsoft Teams Icon

Connect Everywhere

A single intelligent communications and collaboration experience for chat, calling, and meetings with a portfolio of purpose-built devices to choose from.Stay Online 24/7, 365 days a year!

Efficient Meetings 

An intelligent backend delivers adaptive and immersive meeting experiences that drive efficiencies by providing transparent access to information and contextual insights drawn from usage patterns.

Microsoft Teams Calling

Comprehensive Ecosystem

Supported by a best-in-class ecosystem of partners with solutions ranging from devices to third-party integration— extending the value and capabilities of Teams for Calling and Meetings.

A Strong Foundation

Teams is built for modern communications that ensure optimal audio and video experiences regardless of device or network. Organizations and users can work with confidence— on a platform designed to deliver security, control, and compliance.


No, Microsoft Teams is 100% cloud based

No, it can run through your internet connection

No, but you can if you want

Internal calls within your company are free, external calls require a calling plan

Yes, you can host webinars, conferences and events for 1 to 10,000 people through Microsoft Teams with internal and external attendees.

You can always use your mobile internet as a backup, or use your office’s backup internet connection.

Yes, from home, the office, overseas, as long as you have an internet connection you can use it.

Yes, you can also use it through your computer.

Yes, as long as it is network capable.

Yes, we provide IT support for all Microsoft products, including Teams Calling.

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