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4 Ways Microsoft 365 Business Can Enhance Your Workplace

The rapid adoption of technology in the modern workplace is driving a change in company business models, economies and even cultures across the world at a speed that has never been seen before. Organisation’s now make decisions based on data, not past experience and the need for digital business strategies are essential.

Studies conducted by Forbes believe that 40% of S&P businesses will not be around in 10 years if they do not adapt to the modern age of technology. Another key characteristic of the modern workplace is that it is now seen by many as a task and not a destination.

Powerful entrepreneur/businesswoman Laurie Coots believes that  “Work is something you do, not somewhere you go.”

Microsoft Office 365 now has over 120 million business users worldwide it also fits the bill for many of the world’s most successful organisations. So, by now you're probably wondering. How can the use of Microsoft 365 enhance my modern workplace and where does Powernet IT Group fit into the equation?

Here are 4 ways that Microsoft 365 can help transform your organisation into a successful modern workplace!


Microsoft has worked tirelessly over the past 7 years to create a line of subscription services that are simple to use, which ensures that all companies using the software are being as productive as possible.

Some of the key features of this are:

  • - Accessing your work from any device at any time. This includes laptops, tablets or mobile phones.
  • - There are multiple lines of communication that are sophisticated and fast.
  • - Remove’s operational barriers.
  • - Increase workplace collaboration.
  • - Enhance employee experience.

There is such a focus on productivity in the workplace that organisations are doing almost anything to get the competitive advantage. However, you don’t need to spend a lot to get this advantage, according to Microsoft highly mobile workers who used Microsoft 365 in conjunction with the Microsoft surface pro’s saved on average of 9 hours per week on common tasks.


The use of Microsoft 365 is consistently evolving, these applications are designed to optimise efficiency levels, strengthen your security and arm your organisation with some of the best possible IT services.

This is for a few reasons:

  • - Firstly, Microsoft is consistently looking at new products to improve their solution stack, ensuring that all organisations are getting the most out of their technology.
  • - Secondly, Microsoft’s ability to have a strong focus on user experience, making sure that all applications are easily adopted within an organisation.
  • - Lastly, Microsoft 365 will optimize your data security. Microsoft offers the enterprise mobility and security (EMS).


In the modern workplace, organisations understand the reliance on flexibility, studies show that, 87% of professionals think that a flexible job would lower their stress and 97% believe it would lead to a better quality of life.

Recently more organisation’s are beginning to allow employees to work flexible hours and allow them the freedom to work creatively whenever and wherever it suits them, however obviously there is still an expectation that employees will complete their required work.

Microsoft has recognized this and has created a workplace collaboration tool called Microsoft Teams, a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments. Team’s make it easy for employees to collaborate with each other effectively. It also gives them the ability to access work files anywhere, anytime with the assistance of the cloud.


Microsoft 365 obviously includes applications such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Skype that can be purchased by anyone for personal or business needs.

Microsoft 365 also offers business services such as.

  • - Exchange - Mail server.
  • - OneDrive - File hosting service.
  • - SharePoint - Web-based collaborative platform.
  • - Teams - Platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes and attachments.
  • - Sway – Presentation program.
  • - StaffHub – an app designed to help frontline staff workers manage their workday.
  • - PowerApps – Service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data.
  • - SharePoint – a Web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft office.

These are used in business in a way that will allow flexibility, increase productivity and help businesses adapt to the modern workplace of Technology.

As Microsoft offers such a large solution stack, it means that your organisation can utilise applications that are necessary for your business to function and succeed.

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