4 Traits of a Logistics IT Managed Services Provider

by - 18 May 2020
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Technology continues to disrupt the logistics industry. What traditionally was a sector with thousands of pieces of paper, disjointed apps and Excel spreadsheets, is now one that is empowered with large scale systems that enable all areas of the business talk to each other.

IT support in the logistics sector looks very different today than it did only 5 years ago. Now, with almost 100% reliance on IT systems to run business operations, it is imperative that redundancy, security and backup are built in.

With that said, Managed Service Providers who provide IT support to the Logistics sector need to do more than just run a help desk, track IT assets and run reports. Let’s talk about some of the key qualities IT support teams need when providing technical services to the Logistics sector.

Understanding What Downtime Means to Your Business

It is important that your IT support team understand what downtime means for your business. That the inability to print a label could mean you miss the opportunity to take in product or a weighbridge being unable to communicate the weight of a truck could mean thousands of dollars lost. In logistics, every second counts.

In-depth Knowledge of Government Grants and Funding

Have you heard of the Entrepreneurs Program? It is a government funded program that could provide you with up to $20,000 in funding or 50% reimbursement of technology project costs. The program is aimed at growth sectors, including ‘Enabling Technologies and Services’, like Logistics.

Your IT support team should be able to work through these grants with you, ensuring you get the most out of your budget and maximising your technology capabilities.  

Security First Approach

Did you know that one of the biggest risks to your Cyber Security is human error? In the fast paced world of Logistics, responding to emails quickly can mean the difference between winning a project and losing one. It can also mean malicious emails can slip through the cracks without too much thought. Having an IT support provider who knows how time sensitive your business is, and what your specific vulnerabilities are can make all the difference.

Business Continuity Planning

If your business was suddenly unable to access your documents and applications, what steps would you take to get back up and running? Could your business survive days of no access to IT systems? Your IT support team must be at the forefront of designing your BCP plan with you, ensuring you have back up plans in place.

Data Reporting

Better data makes for informed business decisions. We know that having access to accurate data is imperative to your success. Whether it’s reporting on your financial and operational performance, or specifically diving into how IT support is working through your business, your leadership team should have access to live reports and dashboards. We use industry leading data analytics tools to provide our clients with access to detailed, live information. 

Cross Department Collaboration

In the day to day running of your business, your Sales team need to talk to your Operations Team and your Finance Team need to talk to both. Cross department collaboration is a key component to the smooth running of logistics.

Let’s say your sales team win a project today, that needs to be organised for tomorrow but paid for up front, each department must be notified of and have access to every job at their finger tips. Your IT support team must understand how information flows through your business, and what success looks like for each department. 

Our Australian based, IT support and leadership consulting teams have been supporting logistical businesses of all sizes for over 26 years. We understand the importance of availability to the technology that runs your business, and have built countless systems for our clients in Logistics.

We have seen the logistics industry transform over the years, and we understand the pressures that come with a fast-paced environment. We would love to have a chat with you about how IT support is running in your business and how your technology could be more efficient.