5 Workplace Productivity Tools That Your Employees Will Thank You For

by - 7 May 2019
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I find working at Evolve IT Australia both interesting and enjoyable. In the vast universe of technology, we find ourselves in the middle of combining our efforts with time-saving tools that allow us to be more efficient in satisfying our clients’ needs.

From the moment that I have started here, I have enjoyed performing my tasks with productivity tools that help me in my daily routines. It’s akin to that kind of satisfaction that you get when you play a game, and you know that you are going to win.

Below are my top five workplace productivity tools that allow me to fit more hours into my day.


Similar to when a sporting team is moving in the same direction, you get a better result. Microsoft Teams is an application that allows a team to collaborate on work together – sharing skills and knowledge. 

This app can connect us not just via chat but also gives us the flexibility of conducting internal online video meetings. Given the recent movement towards the mobile office, Teams is very helpful when coordinating with teammates who are not in the same location, . 

Microsoft Teams allows us to have open communication, keeping the entire team in the loop with all latest company and department updates. This flexible app is designed to make your organisations life a whole lot easier, sharing files, meeting notes and extending knowledge all in one place.


This tool gives you the visibility on your daily performance. It is a fantastic tracker for your productivity as it provides detailed records of the things that you are doing while you are workng on your computer. Its productivity pulse gives you the percentage details about the time that you spent on business, utilities, communications and scheduling, shopping and software development. 

It also identifies a spotlight of everything that you have done each day. This tool will give you an idea on how to use your time wisely and promote productivity.


Microsoft To-Do is a cloud-based task management application that allows you to manage your tasks from a smartphone, tablet or computer. This app helps you to manage, prioritise and complete most essential things that need to be achieved on a daily basis. 

To-do is powered by intelligent suggestions and Office 365 Integration. This compelling feature gives a list of the most important things to complete each day and even syncs with your calendar. 

Microsoft To-Do is part of your Office 365 subscription so download it and see how much extra time you can fit into your day.


Microsoft Flow is a tool that allows you to automate your work. Don’t stress it offers some free templates – so you will not need to be a programmer to work this one out. 

If utilised Microsoft flow can become like your personal assistant – creating automated workflows that gives you an edge when it comes to getting things done. It offers notifications, synchronise your files, collection of data and much more.

Gaining extra hours in your day by using smart shortcuts is the essence of productivity. Like Microsoft To-Do – Microsoft Flow is part of your Office 365 subscription so why sweat if you can achieve things faster in an automated way?


Grammarly is an application that identifies any grammatical errors in your written content. Available as a free google plugin or a paid app Grammarly will not only save you proofreading time but will also keep you from being left red-faced from poorly written emails with grammar and spelling mistakes. 

The free plug-in is used to aid you when constructing written documents to achieve the most appropriate grammatical content within a web browser. 

The paid version also allows you to adjust the tone of your content so that you can tailor the tone of emails, technical writing or even creative writing. I would recommend this for anyone that writes consistent content.

The tools above are just a sample size of what is out there – whether your an accountant or a caseworker there are so many productivity tools that will save you from doing the mundane, annoying tasks that seem to take forever and allow you to focus on the tasks you love. 

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