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The not for profit sector is always evolving, as is the technology that empowers it.

The IT that supports the not for profit sector must keep up with the fast-moving industry changes while maintaining a stable platform and understanding the unique requirements that nfps have.

Managed Services Providers who are providing IT support to the not for profit sector need to do more than just run a help desk, track IT assets and run reports. Let’s talk about some of the key qualities IT support teams need when providing technical support to the not for profit sector.

Regulatory knowledge

Many not for profits have specific regulatory requirements that they must comply with. These compliance requirements will have a technology component and it is important that your IT support knows what these components are, in order to best support you. Your technology decisions will often be designed around a compliance requirement and ensuring that you meet them. Not meeting compliance requirements can affect eligibility for certain government grants.

Grants and government support

The government often releases new grants and schemes to help the not for profit sector. Having an IT support team that follows, understands and that can help you navigate the technology component of these schemes essential. You want to ensure that you are receiving all the grants that are available to you, while complying with the specific requirements for each one.

Vendor support and discounted prices

Budgets can be tight for not for profits and a lot of technology vendors know this. Often, they will provide discounted prices for the sector, but they don’t always advertise it. An IT support team who know how to support not for profit companies will know which vendors offer what discounts for your sector! We want to make sure your getting the most out of your technology while maximising your budget.

Managed Service Providers supporting the nfp industry will know what the requirements are in order to obtain specialised pricing and can help you meet them.

Efficient service desk

A printer not working in one office might be a small issue, but for some not for profits, not being able to print could be catastrophic for their clients. Having an IT support team that knows what your specific priorities and the impact that issues can have for your business is vital!

Furthermore, you will want to look for Service Level Agreements that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Relationship first approach

A mature and well documented Account Management framework that supports the relationship between your IT support company and your business leaders is the glue that holds everything together. They will be your strategic ally in selecting the right technology, they will nestle themselves into your business and will ensure that the Service Desk supporting your staff are kept up to date with any business changes.

Security focused

Not for profits can hold extremely sensitive data and are often very busy, this can make them an attractive target for malicious attackers. Having a Managed Service Provider who puts security at the forefront of their IT support and technology solutions is vital in protecting your clients, staff and business!

Moreover, the sector can bring a lot of media attention, a cyberattack could be devastating to a reputation that was otherwise positive.

Value Alignment

Values are at the core of what not for profits are all about. Selecting a technology partner who’s values are aligned with yours will reassure you that you are both working towards the same goal for the same reasons.

Powernet has supported over 52 businesses within the not for profit sector for over 25 years. We understand the unique requirements of the sector and have strategic partnerships with vendors who can provide the best pricing.

Two of our core business values are family and commitment. We value what the not for profit sector does for our community through their commitment to help others. We offer obligation free introductory audits and would love to help you assess if your existing IT support setup is ticking all the right boxes for your sector, and welcome you into the Powernet family!

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