Being a Great Place to Work

by - 18 January 2018
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As Powernet commences our 24th year of operations, we celebrate reaching this milestone by proudly announcing that Powernet is a Great Place to Work® certified organisation!

Great Place to Work® institute is the global authority on building, sustaining, and recognising high-trust, and high-performing workplace cultures.

Based on over 25 years of research and surveys of millions of employees worldwide, the institute has created a model for building performance based on trust and encouraging positivity between employees to continue promoting a healthy and supportive working environment.

Our leadership team decided it was time to gauge the pulse of our organisation by giving our most valuable resource, our employees, the ability to assess themselves using the Great Place to Work® survey.

“One of the major drivers of conducting the Great Place to Work® survey was we really thought now was the time to find out what is working well and celebrate our recent successes,” Head of Services Shaun Witherden said.

“We already thought we were a great place to work… now we have the information to become even better!”

There is no company who has 100 percent satisfied employees, every business understands this.

However by giving our employees the ability to assess themselves using the most reliable and comprehensive workplace survey provided an insight into what they value about their work, their values and each other as we continue building our strong family culture.

Because a better culture means better business.

This is the first year Powernet has participated in the Great Place to Work® survey.

Joining multi-national organisations such as Mars, Hilton Hotels, and Atlassian as certified Great Places to Work®.

The certification is a testament to our valued clients and our team who make working at Powernet great!