CASE STUDY: How our partnership with Datto helps us deliver a world-class outsourced IT service

by - 17 March 2017
You are currently viewing CASE STUDY: How our partnership with Datto helps us deliver a world-class outsourced IT service

As a provider of outsourced IT solutions with a presence in several locations across the Eastern Seaboard, it’s essential that we provide all our customers with consistently high-quality service –  especially in the face of disaster. In the words of Daniel Williams, Director and Head of Service Delivery at PowerNet, it’s our mission to ensure that our customers enjoy the best technology solutions available, and not just an ordinary, off-the-shelf product. So when we started experiencing some growing pains with the Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution we had been using, it became clear that it was time to find a replacement that could meet our high standards.

In this blog, I’d like to talk about our strategic partnership with Datto, and what it means for the outsourced IT service you can expect from us.

What is Datto?

Datto’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution protects your organisation by ensuring uninterrupted access to all essential business data, whether you’re in the office, on site, or logging in through the cloud. Datto’s Total Data Protection solution safeguards your critical business data from malicious activity, human error and unforeseen IT disasters – and in the unlikely event that your IT systems should be compromised, Datto’s Disaster Recovery as a Service means you can recover your entire infrastructure to a virtual environment in seconds. Datto also offers comprehensive malware and ransomware protection to combat the ever-present threat of cybercrime in today’s digital business landscape – redundant copies of data are stored securely on their servers, meaning backups of your key business data are within reach at all times.

Why did we choose Datto as our BDR partner?

For a BDR solution to meet our needs, it needs to give us the peace of mind that our clients’ back-end systems are operating as efficiently and reliably as possible, so that the members of our team can spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks and more time focusing on delivering outstanding service. Many of the tasks that were time-consuming and labour-intensive on our old solution – such as Inverse Chain Technology –  are built in to Datto. Additionally, Datto focuses not just on industry-leading Disaster Recovery solutions, but on proactive business continuity measures, which helps our clients stay one step ahead of potentially devastating IT breakdowns. Datto helps us provide a more flexible and resilient outsourced IT solution, which translates into superior service across the board for our clients.

How has Datto helped us deliver the best outsourced IT solution possible?

Working with Datto gives us the peace of mind that our clients’ data is in the safest hands possible. With our previous BDR solution, recovery scenarios could be unpredictable and caused us a lot of stress, downtime and headaches. Now we’re confident that we are able to recover customer data with minimal downtime, no matter the cause of the disaster. Ultimately, Datto makes it easy for us to deliver on our promise of providing our customers with industry-leading technology without compromising on giving them the level of service they deserve.

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