Celebrating Equal Pay Day

by - 1 October 2021
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The 18th of September 2021 was #EqualPayDay. This year’s theme is #WhatsYourPayGap. We joined the fight to close the #GenderPayGap and have some exciting news to share today. 

We are extremely excited to announce the like-for-like-role gender pay gap at Powernet does not exist. Though overall we still have a gender pay gap, due to our industry being male-dominated, we are proud to be doing better than most in this space and hope to increase diversity in our team.

Over the last year, Powernet has released a number of initiatives in an effort to improve equality in our workplace. We are committed to providing a workplace that caters for everyone, providing equal opportunity for people at all stages of life.

Earlier this year, Powernet formed an Equality Council, comprising of team members from every level of the business. The council meets regularly to discuss issues that relate to equality in our workplace. The objective of this council is to identify hidden bias, come up with new initiatives that support our diverse team, and keep Powernet accountable to our recently published Gender Equality Strategy, and Gender Equality Policy. 

Powernet is committed to complying with the WGEA accreditation requirements, even though we do not yet qualify for an official accreditation, being that we have under 100 team members. We are excited for the day that we can officially apply and will continue to do more in this space.

Through the months of August and September, we went through the reaccreditation process with the Australian Breastfeeding Association, and are proud to announce that we have been reaccredited as a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace. The parents and prayer room in our Collingwood office has been a happy addition to our workplace facilities, and one that we are very proud to provide our team with. 

Finally, we continue to be a Certified Great Place to Work, committed to providing our team with all the tools and support that they need to feel safe and supported at work, whether that is from their home, client sites, or our offices. 

The IT support industry has traditionally been dominated by a single stereotype, which can make it difficult for others to enter the industry. We are proud to have a diverse team, comprising of people from all walks of life and will continue to build out our equality strategy to ensure everyone feels welcome at Powernet.