Empowering Efficiency: The Rise of Business Process Automation

by - 21 February 2024
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Staying ahead of the technological curve in today’s fast paced landscape is essential. The concept of engaging a vCIO has gained significant traction in recent years. Automation complements the vCIO’s role, boosting efficiency and streamlining processes. So, what exactly does a vCIO do and how can they assist in transforming your organisation?

What is a vCIO

A Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is an external IT expert who provides businesses with ongoing IT support. They are not necessarily physically present within a business, rather, working remotely as third-party contractors.

They offer specific guidance in areas such as:

  • Planning strategic IT Goals
  • Developing budgets
  • Analysing and providing recommendations to improve efficiency and productivity within your business
  • Maintaining and securing IT infrastructure

What Can a vCIO Assist Me With

A vCIO will assess your current IT setup and assist you with creating future goals you would like your business to achieve, often referred to as an IT Roadmap. Once identified the vCIO will produce and implement a plan on how to achieve these goals within a manageable budget. Having insights into the IT industry and an insider’s view on how much things cost, they will also assist you in developing your budget.

A vCIO will look at areas in your business such as Risk Mitigation, particularly when Cyber threats are consistently on the rise, automation, improving IT Efficiency, productivity and managing programs and the ever-changing technological needs within your business.

How a vCIO Can Enhance Your Business

With business process automation technology & hardware constantly evolving and managing your IT needs becoming increasingly more complex, engaging a vCIO can take the pressure off your business and reduce the need to hire a full-time senior executive.

Hiring a vCIO will optimise your IT infrastructure and reduce the risk of missing out on new tech and processes that can set your business back, allowing competitors to gain an advantage. Allowing an expert to take the reins on all things IT, ensures business owners and executives can focus on driving business growth rather than managing the complexities of IT.

Some of the ways your business will benefit include:

  • Clarity around your current and future IT needs
  • Managed and monitored IT performance
  • IT runs efficiently and is well structured
  • IT and your business are working together to achieve the same goals
  • Hardware, services, contracts, software, and cloud services are selected, implemented and monitored to maximise productivity

vCIO’s and Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) enables businesses to automate repetitive & monotonous tasks that are often time-consuming by delegating these tasks to software. Automation tools such as Power Automate by Microsoft can help businesses to automate day-to-day tasks across multiple applications and services.

What is Power Automate?

Power Automate is a cloud-based workflow offering from Microsoft. It enables its users to automate day-to-day repetitive tasks across multiple applications and services using a sequential rule-based flow. It uses AI, digital and robotic process automation that allows coders and non-coders to simply drag and drop on unlimited systems, desktop apps and websites.

According to a recent Gartner Survey of corporate strategists conducted in July 2023, 79% said that technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence and automation will be critical to their success over the next 2 years. Strategists said that on average, 50% of strategic planning and execution activities could be partially or fully automated: currently only 15% are. Automation not only reduces the repetitive nature of tasks but also reduces error rates, improves compliance, and lowers stress amongst teams. By introducing automation into your business, it allows your team to focus on increasing efficiency, improving results, and delivering value to your clients.

If you are interested in learning more about how engaging a vCIO or implementing automation can elevate your business, Get in Touch with one of our friendly staff who will be delighted to assist you.