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Generating an Unparalleled Level of Cost Savings Almost Instantly through an IT Managed Service Provider

To say that IT budgeting is of critical importance to most organisations is something of an understatement. Knowing that you have the funds available to make the right IT investments doesn’t just give your employees access to the tools and platforms they need to effectively do their jobs — in the modern era, it is exactly the key to superior performance and long-term success.

It’s also, unfortunately, incredibly challenging to get right.

The Problem with IT Budgeting

Part of the reason that IT budgeting can feel like an uphill battle is that technology itself is inherently unpredictable. You essentially need to be a mind reader — you’ve got to predict the way your organisation will expand and contract and when. This helps you make sure that the strategic IT moves you’re making today actually position your team to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Likewise, the unpredictable often occurs with IT at the worst possible time. Servers need unexpected maintenance. Assets go down, disrupting productivity. All of these costs can quickly eat into the budget that you previously worked so hard on, draining important funds away from future investments when you need them the most.

All of these problems also underline why so many organisations today are embracing IT managed service providers with increasing frequency. By making the decision to outsource some or even all your infrastructure to a provider, you eliminate virtually all these issues in one fell swoop. 

The Benefits of Managed Services Providers

The major benefit of working with a managed IT provider comes by way of the cost savings that you generate almost immediately. Unpredictable costs — from sudden asset procurements to software and security upgrades, to licensing, to support and more — are all swapped out for one fixed, predictable monthly fee.

According to one recent study, 13% of companies who switched to managed IT services enjoyed a reduction in their annual IT costs by 50% or more. And 46% of those companies enjoyed cost savings of 25% or more.

But even going beyond this, managed IT services unlock a host of unique benefits that most people don’t even think about.

If you suddenly bring on a team of new employees to deal with seasonal demands, you don’t have to worry about supplying them all with hardware resources (or what will happen to those resources once things return to normal). You can expand or retract your services at any time with a simple phone call as managed IT services are designed to be agile in exactly this way.

You’re also getting access to the type of insight and expertise that you wouldn’t have any other way. You get a team who regularly monitor your network and computers.

The team will also help you identify small issues before they can turn into much larger, more expensive, and more disastrous ones down the road. You get 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week support to guarantee a quick response to your IT emergencies.

Thanks to the fixed fees, you can also enjoy better budgeting. You know exactly how much you need to spend and what you’re getting, end of story.

With fixed fees, it frees up valuable funds that let you focus on the bigger picture, allocating money for strategic moves in the future when they’re needed the most. 

The Real-World Argument for Outsourced IT

Truth be told, companies all over the world are already benefiting in huge ways by partnering with managed services providers. Take JPMorgan Chase, for example, which partnered with an outsourced provider on the deployment of a new software called COIN (short for “Contract Intelligence”).

Using COIN, leaders at JPMorgan Chase can review thousands of documents in seconds — something that previously required approximately 360,000 hours of work annually by lawyers, loan officers, and other human employees.

The software, which learns by ingesting data to better recognise trends and relationships, hasn’t just freed up the valuable time of employees so that they can focus on more proactive efforts — it has also help reduce loan-servicing mistakes and other human errors that previously affected up to 12,000 new contracts per year.

This is an example of the true power of outsourced IT. It puts organisations in a better position to have access to the right resources at the right time. Outsourcing your IT will empower your workflows and allow your employees to focus more on the things that matter most; their precious hours won’t be eaten up by IT-related issues . 

Powernet: Your Partner in Efficiency

At Powernet, we believe that technology is ultimately just a platform — the same as any other. Only when that platform is properly aligned with your business on a foundational level will you be able to achieve the superior business outcomes that you desperately need.

As an IT managed service provider, we take the time to get to know all our clients. This puts us in the best possible position to help with everything — from equipment procurement to connectivity, to IT solution support, to project delivery, and beyond.

All of this ultimately helps us guarantee the most important benefit of all: superior performance, increased efficiency, lowered costs, and an almost unprecedented level of return on investment — all at the same time.

If you’d like to find out more information about how teaming with an IT managed service provider can positively change and empower your organisation, or if you’d just like to discuss your own situation with someone in a little more detail, please don’t delay — contact Powernet today.

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