How PowerNet’s IT solutions insulate your business from all forms of digital risk

by - 4 April 2017
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As any business owner knows, it’s impossible to run an organisation without anticipating some type of risk – whether it’s physical risk to your assets, the threat of a competitor taking away valuable market share, or getting no return on your investments.

In the age of digital business, however, there’s another element of risk at play: the threat of IT systems failing, as well as the increasingly prevalent threat of cybercrime in the form of DDoS attacks, ransomware, identity theft and botnets. In order for your business to thrive in this environment, it’s essential to be as well-protected from these risks as possible. In this article, we’ll look at how PowerNet’s IT solutions, and specifically the PowerControl product suite, protect your business from all forms of digital risk, and ensure that you’ll be able to recover in no time should disaster strike.

How does PowerControl help your business avoid IT risk?

We understand how grave the consequences of IT risk can be, which is why our IT solutions include end-to-end security, email filtering and managed backup services to ensure the highest levels of service at all times, and that your infrastructure can be restored to a working condition with minimal downtime should disaster strike.  PowerControl’s features include:

  • Managed Endpoint Service

One of the principal challenges of maintaining IT infrastructure is knowing which systems are at risk of failure, and when they might fail. PowerControl provides both preventative maintenance measures—such as real-time monitoring of your critical network and desktop devices—and traditional security features including the latest antivirus and antimalware technology, which means we’re able to prevent many of these failures from occurring.

  • Dedicated Support Staff

Partnering with PowerNet doesn’t just give you access to the latest innovations in business technology – it means you get to deal with the technicians responsible for creating these innovations and ensuring that your IT and business goals are always in alignment.

  • Managed Backup

The impact of losing even a day’s worth of work can have severe repercussions for productivity. PowerControl’s IT solution includes a fully redundant managed backup service, so you can rest assured that the latest versions of your critical business data will be available even after an IT disaster.

  • Email filtering

With so many email-borne threats today, you need an IT solution that provides a layer of filtering before potentially malicious mail arrives at your server or email client. PowerControl uses industry-leading technology for suspicious content and known threats to keep your inbox clean and take the hassle out of manual email maintenance.

  • Comprehensive data security

With so much of modern business happening on mobile platforms and through remote work, you need to partner with an IT solution that ensures your data is kept securely under lock and key whether you’re working from the office, on site or at your local coffee shop. PowerControl’s security features give you the confidence that our team of IT experts are making sure you’re protected from threats at all times.

Does your IT environment need robust IT solutions that guarantee end-to-end data security, system stability and business continuity? Take our free IT health check to find out how PowerNet can help, or get in touch with us directly should you have any questions.