Infographic: Can You Survive a Cyber Attack? 

by - 21 February 2018
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Can You Survive a Cyber Attack? 

There is a lot at stake with more cyber attacks targeting businesses and organisations.

As the new Data Breach Notification Legislation, or The Privacy Amendment Act of 2017,  takes full effect tomorrow —  22 February 2018, stakeholders have been made more accountable with hefty fines for failure to report a data breach. 

It’s worth noting that a widely-publicised data breach can not only lead to significant financial loss, it can devaluate trade names and lead to lost trust and customer relationships, which can be impossible to recover from. 

With millions in both financial and non-financial loss at stake, organisations need to take a closer look at their existing systems to ensure they have the means to survive a cyber attack when it happens. 

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