IT Skills or Life Skills? [Video]

by - 29 October 2018
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 The truth is that in today’s digital workplace, you don’t necessarily need to be equipped with advance tech skills to flourish. All you really need is the right foundation to seamlessly communicate with your team in a way that helps you add value to the business. Being tech savvy therefore becomes one of the key ingredients that helps you excel in a highly competitive business environment.

We’ve recently put together a video about this very topic, which you can view right here.

In this piece, we’d like to take the opportunity to outline why tech skills should be considered life skills, and how this very subtle perspective change can benefit your business in a wide range of ways.

The (Life) Skills That Are Required in the Modern Workplace

This may be something of a controversial viewpoint, but using productivity or collaborative tools like Microsoft Office has nothing to do with tech skills or IT skills in the modern era. These are life skills that are absolutely no different from knowing how to interact with your clients or getting all of your team members on the same page and ready for that next big project.

These are core competencies that are required to be an efficient, productive contributor to a contemporary business.

As employers, we need to help break down a barrier that was once a legitimate excuse for backing away from technology. We need to be willing to empower our teams and introduce them to the possibilities that IT brings with it. It isn’t about embracing modern technology for the sake of it, it’s about taking full advantage of all the different ways that IT allows you to work “smarter, not harder” every single day.

A lot of employers in particular don’t realise that this is often a low cost (or even a no cost) exercise. It simply begins by understanding the way you and your people work, and acknowledging the meaningful role that technology can play in that process.

Understanding what these tech-driven tools can do is your starting point. Understanding what they can do for you, and how you can leverage them, forms the basis of everything you do from that point on.

A Modern Workforce: Empowering Your Business for the Future

Real-time communication. Mobile collaboration. Doing quality work at anywhere, at any time, from any location. These are the kinds of things that are required to run a successful business in 2018. They’re also key benefits that you’ll only be able to enjoy by fully embracing IT for your business. 

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