13 Keyboard Shortcuts to Turn You into an Efficient Keyboard Warrior!

by - 7 May 2020
You are currently viewing 13 Keyboard Shortcuts to Turn You into an Efficient Keyboard Warrior!

Let’s face it, we’re all after tips to improve efficiency and what is more efficient than controlling your computer through shortcuts!

Those precious seconds it takes to move from the keyboard, to your mouse, and back again can be saved by a few simple shortcuts.

Here are our favourite time saving keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

CTRL + SHIFT + T: Restore Closed Browser Tab

Don’t you hate it when you accidentally close a tab by accident! You can restore easily restore it by using this keyboard shortcut: ctrl + shift + T

CTRL + F: Search for Text

Reading a large document but want to find something specific within it? Use this keyboard shortcut to search for text. You can also use this to replace a word, phrase or symbol that appears multiple times within a document, just flick to the ‘replace’ option.

CTRL + A: Select All Items

Want to select all items in any application? The keyboard shortcut ctrl + A will get you there!

CTRL + Click: Select Multiple Items

If you need to select multiple items that aren’t next to each other, you can use the shortcut ctrl + click. Shift + click works when you want to select multiple items that are all next to each other.

CTRL + Shift + V: Paste as Plain Text

This one is my favourite; do you copy and paste text into an email or a document and get annoyed by the formatting that follows it? Use this keyboard shortcut to paste your copied text as plain text, it’ll pick up the formatting within your document.

CTRL + R: Reply to an Email

Become a master of email and Outlook, use ctrl R to reply to an email. Also, you can use ctrl + F to forward an email.
Windows Key + L: Lock Your PC

Security first, whenever you leave your computer just use the Windows key + L to lock it. That way your pesky colleagues can’t use your computer to send emails around offering free donuts!

CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y: Undo and Redo

Use these two keyboard shortcuts to undo a mistake and redo if you make a mistake undoing it! You can undo multiple actions and likewise you can redo multiple actions. This handy pair has saved me from loosing precious text many times.

Windows Key + M: Minimise All Windows

We all get lost among the sea of tabs and windows on our computers, it’s just part of being efficient and busy today! Get back to your desktop quickly by using the keyboard shortcut Windows key + M.

Windows Key + Arrow: Windows Snap

Writing something and drawing inspiration from Google, snap your Word document to one half of your screen, and snap your internet browser to the other half. It’ll make more sense when you try it!

Shift + Arrow: Highlight Text

Need to copy some text out of Google highlight one word then using the keyboard shift + right arrow you can highlight one letter at a time. Need to highlight more? Use shift and the down arrow to highlight one line of text at a time.

ALT + Left Arrow: Back in Web Browser

Be a keyboard warrior in your browser by using alt + left arrow to go back a page. You can use the keyboard shortcut alt + right arrow to go forward as well.

ALT + F4: Close Any Windows App

Need to close a program quickly? Use alt + F4 to get the job done.

ALT + S: Send an Email

Back on becoming a master of Outlook, use alt + S to send your emails. You could use alt + R to reply, compose your email then use alt + S to send it, never having to use the mouse at all!

Spacebar: Webpage Scrolling

Use the spacebar to scroll down in a webpage and shift + spacebar to scroll backup! 

What keyboard shortcuts are your favorite? Add a comment and tell us!