How to Make Sure You Never Forget Your Mask!

by - 22 July 2020
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Juggling a busy schedule has me forgetting everything, so I rely on technology to help me. I live by reminders, alarms and timers on my phone from grocery lists to nap time schedules, don’t know where I’d be without Hey Siri!

On Wednesday the 22nd of July at 11:59pm it will become mandatory to wear your mask when you leave your home, if you forget you risk receiving a $200 fine! 

iPhone users can use location based Reminders in their phone to be reminded every time they leave the house or jump in the car to grab a mask!

Here’s how:

1. Navigate to the ‘Reminders‘ app on your phone Going All-in on Apple Reminders – Jon Mitchell, author and musician

2. Hit ‘New Reminder’

3. Toggle the ‘Repeat’ setting to suit how often you need reminding

4. Toggle the ‘Remind me at location’ setting to on 

You can set this to remind you every time you leave your home address, or every time you get in the car (if you use ApplePlay in the car)

Here’s a screenshot of mine:

For Android users, we like the Google Keep app. Google Keep: Free Note Taking App for Personal Use

Google Keep doesn’t provide the same options as the iOS reminders app where you can set up a reminder for leaving a location however, if you leave home at the same time everyday, or keep masks in the car you can setup a reminder for your arrival destination.

Here’s how:

1. Download Google Keep from the Google Play Store

2. Tap a note
3. In the top right, tap ‘Remind me’
4. Time reminder: Tap one of the default times, or tap Pick a date & time. You can also set the reminder to repeat.
5. Location reminder: Tap Place. Then enter the name or address and tap Save. You’ll need to let Keep access your location.

Need a bit of help? Get in touch with our support team, we’d be happy to help you setup a mask reminder!