How to automate, build apps and create virtual chat agents without a single line of code

by - 31 August 2020
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Microsoft has released a number of new apps in support of the ‘modern workplace’. Simple to use within the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Office, you can automate tasks, create powerful reports and dashboards, build apps without any code and set up intuitive chatbots.

The Modern Workplace is a bit of a buzzword floating around the IT industry, but what does it actually mean? To us, it is about keeping up with technology trends, building out technology to support new generations of employees joining the workforce, and making your business operations as efficient as possible. 

To Microsoft, empowering businesses to create a Modern Workplace has been a key focus point, this is evident in their release of the Microsoft Power App suite, and Modern Workplace material. 

Here’s how Microsoft’s Power Apps can help your business:

Automation: Microsoft’s Power Automate 

Microsoft’s Power Apps can help you automate processes and different apps, they don’t even have to be Microsoft apps! For example, you could use Power Automate to send a notification to your Finance Manager each time an event happens in Xero. Or you can set up an automatic announcement in your company’s chat platform every time a deal is won.

There are 1000’s of template workflows available already, and if what you need isn’t there, you can build one yourself. No coding required, it’s super easy!

Visual, Multi App Reporting: Microsoft’s PowerBI

A challenge we often see in businesses is creating meaningful reports with data from multiple data sources. Using Microsoft’s PowerBI you can plugin different applications and generate reports, using the same Microsoft interface that you’re familiar with. You can set up dashboards, visual reports, recurring reports, raw data tables, almost anything related to reporting, which you can build out in Microsoft’s PowerBI.

Simple App Creation: Microsoft’s Power Apps

Build apps, no code required! We see this space as a huge growth area in IT and can see the opportunities here only getting bigger.

CRM, ERP and finance systems generally come into businesses off the shelf and with a little customisation can do the job just fine. But every business has its own unique tool-set required to get the job done. You can create an app using Microsoft Power Apps to fill in the requirements of those unique tools.

In addition, there are pre-built AI components that you can utilise, making your apps self-learning! 

Chatbots: Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents

Last but certainly not least, build out intelligent, self-learning ‘virtual agents’ or chatbots using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

In today’s world, consumers expect more options to communicate with businesses, having a phone number isn’t enough anymore. The generations entering the workforce today thrive on efficiency gains through chat platforms, being able to multi-task and ping messages off while still getting your work done is an attractive feature for customers. 

Personally, I have wasted so much time on hold or trying to work out what number combination I need in order to get to a person, in the right area. If I see the option for chat support, I feel relieved and will always take it. Definitely feels like the easiest path to getting in touch with a business!

As a business that uses the Microsoft Power suite throughout their business, and as Microsoft Gold Partner, we are in the perfect position to help you get set up with Microsoft Power Apps. Get in touch to talk to us about how you can modernise your workplace.