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Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Podcasts are now more popular than ever. Much of their rise in popularity can be attributed to increased accessibility and convenience. Value and knowledge can be taken away whilst washing the dishes or commuting to work. While radio and TV are seeing a decline in viewers and listeners, the on-demand nature of podcasts appeals to our busy lives. There are hundreds of daily and weekly podcasts covering a range of topics from business, economics and even cybersecurity.


People are now spending longer commuting to work than ever before. In Melbourne, it takes a about 80 minutes on average to commute to work using public transport. That’s an hour plus of potential podcast listening time! Big brands and marketers are starting to see this, and now streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud have seen the potential market for podcasts. In addition, podcasts can be complementary to content creation and can add value to marketing and content campaigns.

Due to the free nature of podcasts, revenue is raised through advertising or affiliate links, which are less obtrusive on a podcast then they are on a YouTube video. Like YouTube was 10 years ago, the podcast platform is a blank slate, open to innovation and ideas. Consumers like them because they’re convenient and valuable, while marketers like them because of the potential growth and advertising opportunities.

Below, we’ve identified a few podcasts that we love and that might be helpful to you in the Business, Technology and Marketing fields.


Planet Money

Network: NPR

Duration: 20-25 Minutes

Hosts: Rotating

Subject: Economics & Business

Running 10-years strong and twice a week, Planet Money aims to break down what are generally seen as dull economic topics and theories into 20-minute episodes. A rotating list of hosts explore everything economics – from the impact plastic bag production has on the economy, to the entire manufacturing process of Crude Oil. The podcast spawned out of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and continues to this day as it’s an easy to digest guide to economics in the 21st-century.


Manager Tools

Network: Manager Tools

Duration: 30-45 Minutes

Hosts: Michael Auzenne, Mark Horstman

Subject: Management & Business

With a focus on training and education, Manager Tools takes topics related to Management, HR, and Communications and breaks it down into the structure of an essay. Starting with an overview of the topic, this is then segmented into points and then summarised at the end. Educational in nature, looking at legal perspectives and social trends, Manager Tools is an informative guide to HR and Management within the workplace.


Worklife With Adam Grant

Network: TED

Duration: 30 minutes

Hosts: Adam Grant

Subject: HR & Business

Adam Grant is an Organisational Psychologist. In this podcast, he looks at ideas and concepts that occur within the workplace from his point of view. Episodes seek to enhance work, creativity, and collaboration by exploring the psychological aspects of work life. From handling criticism to dealing with your emotions, TED’s Worklife podcast is for those interested in knowing how their responses to different situations can be explained by psychology.


TED Talks Daily

Network: TED

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Hosts: Various

Subject: Various

TED Talks Daily is a collection of talks given at TED conferences around the globe. You can hear thoughts from various people chatting about their ideas on every subject imaginable – from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology and even current events. These talks are given by the world’s leading thinkers and doers, bringing their expert opinion and fresh perspectives to you, every weekday.




Network: Relay FM

Duration: 30 Minutes

Hosts: Dan Moren, Mikah Sargent

Subject: Technology News

Clockwise is a technology news podcast where four people discuss four tech topics in under thirty minutes. The topics range from consumer products to cybercrime and the thirty-minute time constraint ensures that discussions remain concise and meaningful. Listeners are able to fit Clockwise into a weekly routine seamlessly as the show always runs for the same amount of time.


This Week In Tech (TWIT)


Duration: 90-120 Minutes

Hosts: Leo Laporte

Subject: Technology News

Long-standing tech podcast, TWIT has been discussing trends in tech for 13 years. With a focus on consumer electronics and the internet, TWIT is one of the most popular podcasts out there. Being a roundtable discussion, conversations are natural and engaging for listeners. To keep things fresh and interesting, Leo Laporte invites various technology experts onto the show to get their take on emerging trends and changes in the industry.


Cyberwire Daily

Network: the CyberWire

Duration: 20-30 Minutes

Host: Dave Bitner

Subject: Cybersecurity

Cyberwire is a cybersecurity news service with a daily podcast delivering news relating to different cybersecurity developments worldwide. In our digital age, cybersecurity is imperative to the success and feasibility of a business. By touching on current news and trends, Cyberwire Daily seek to educate and empower business owners with the relevant information needed to avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime.




Network: RedPandas

Duration: 15-60 Minutes

Host: Moby Siddique

Subject: Inbound & Digital Marketing

InboundBuzz is hosted by co-founder of RedPandas, Moby Siddique. Covering everything marketing related, like SEO, Hubspot and social media, Siddique discusses tactics and news surrounding Inbound Marketing with special guests. InboundBuzz uses a conversational and informative style to explore topics in simple terms, that otherwise may have been difficult to understand.


GaryVee Audio Experience

Network: Gary Vaynerchuk

Duration: 10-120 Minutes

Host: Gary Vaynerchuk

Subject: Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur and CEO of Advertising Agency VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk is a notable and widely trusted voice in the Marketing and Entrepreneurship fields. The GaryVee Audio Experience is a daily mix of the content Vaynerchuk produces, ranging from keynotes to documentary snippets that discuss the future of Marketing and Entrepreneurship. With an outgoing and charismatic personality, he has built up a considerable audience and acts as an inspiration to many.


The Small Business Big Marketing Show

Network: Small Business Big Marketing

Duration: 30-90 Minutes

Host: Timbo Reid

Subject: Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Timbo Reid hosts a marketing podcast targeted towards small businesses that airs weekly. Reid applies big business marketing concepts and principles to campaigns with a tight budget for smaller businesses. Guest interviews with like-minded people help explore how their stories can be applied to smaller businesses, so that small business owners can market themselves in the best ways possible.



Podcasts are published on many different music streaming services as well as dedicated podcast apps like Castbox and Podcast Addict. Like both YouTube and the App Store, you’re able to subscribe to podcasts, search and browse individual episodes and in doing so, an algorithm will suggest more content that you might like based on your listening habits. There are many apps available on Android and iOS.

Castbox (Android & iOS)

Podcast Addict (Android)

PocketCasts ($4) (Android & iOS)


A quick look at how you can access podcasts on an Apple product through the pre-installed Podcast app.

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