PowerNet has a support service for all your IT department’s requirements

by - 17 May 2017
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When we started PowerNet in 1994, the core function of our business was to provide the best support service possible to our customers. More than a decade later, we’ve expanded our service offerings significantly, but our focus on delivering world-class support has remained central to our business.

As far as we’re concerned, providing a great support service goes far beyond hardware and software usage – it’s more about providing tailored solutions and support that addresses the unique needs of our customers, with the objective of helping them achieve their business goals more easily.

In this blog, we’ll look at PowerNet’s support service and how it can help you meet your IT department’s requirements.

Highly skilled consultants provide world-class expertise

It’s not uncommon for business owners to be intimidated by the prospect of outsourcing their IT infrastructure to a third party, since it involves giving up control of some of your business critical processes. However, with the right Managed Service Provider (MSP), handing over control of your IT assets can be a competitive advantage. And thanks to economies of scale, MSPs can offer hardware that might have been out of your budget if you were paying for it yourself. Additionally, by partnering with an MSP, you get access to the IT staff that they employ. PowerNet prides ourselves on our team of highly skilled IT support staff who are able to assist with any IT issues your business might encounter. Our consultants work with businesses and their peers in order to close the gap between business and technology, which makes it possible to support our clients in becoming more competitive and increasing the value they provide to their customers.

Data-based business intelligence tools give insight into the needs of customers and employees

With the features provided by modern Business Intelligence tools, it’s possible to analyse your  business data for deeper insights into how your customers and employees engage with your business and focus on delivering what they need. With this information, you can develop strategies to leverage the business value of innovative and emerging technologies like mobile, social, cloud and analytics. This doesn’t only increase your IT efficiency, it leads to increased growth across the organisation.

We approach each client on their own merits to deliver the most valuable solution possible

Our years of experience have taught us that generic, one-size-fits-all IT solutions just don’t cut it for organisations in today’s markets. Our approach is to bring together solution frameworks in order to provide an idea of the future direction your IT strategy should be moving in, align your business strategy with technological opportunities, and create an innovative roadmap for your business. This allows us to approach the way we do business completely different, and drive deeper customer connections as a result.

If you’d like to know more about how PowerNet can help you get more value from your IT solution, take our free IT health check at the link below or contact us directly if you have any questions.