PowerNET IT Solutions and Virage IT merge

by - 30 September 2016
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We’re extremely proud to announce an MSP merger between PowerNET and acclaimed local managed service provider, Virage IT. With over 32 years of combined experience in the local IT service landscape, this move marks a new era for Australian IT and managed services.

The two companies will continue to operate under their respective names for the foreseeable future, on account of their distinct service offerings and customer bases, but will share resources and a conglomerate board of directors. The managing director of Virage IT, Paul MacNeill, will also become director of the new wider organisation.

With a new headcount of 65 people, and with offices located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland, PowerNET is in a prime position to make its MSP mark on Australasia and beyond. Here are a few reasons we’re so excited about this merger and why, together, PowerNET and Virage IT are a more powerful and refined MSP organisation.

PowerNET and Virage IT share a number of core synergies

In addition to our complementary company cultures, the MSP merger gives both organisations the opportunity to capitalise on a number of core synergies. For instance, Virage IT’s cloud infrastructure environment, which it offered to customers as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), synergises perfectly with PowerNET’s cloud migration solutions.

According to PowerNET Director Daniel Williams, “Both businesses have great people and culture; combining our powers, talents and expertise we will become a balanced IT solutions provider who is both a high performance managed service and professional service provider.”

Another key benefit for both companies falls on growth potential and scalability. Virage IT was a small business with a headcount of only 15 employees. By joining forces with PowerNET, they’re able to gear themselves for the future and take advantage of the economies of scale.

The MSP merger expands the reach of our respective services

Another great aspect of the MSP merger is that each of the two companies’ service offerings are distinct enough to cater to unique areas of Australia’s business sector. For instance, Virage IT provides its services primarily to customers in the education sector, with other clients generally being financial institutions and digital agencies. PowerNET’s client base is far broader, providing IT solutions for companies from a wide range of industries like the health and the retail sector.  

The MSP merger opens both companies up to a much wider customer base, allowing them to cross-sell their managed services and professional services more easily. This expanded reach is also likely to create more opportunities for growth and development in the wider industry.

With our newfound strategic and operational capabilities, PowerNET is in better shape than ever to offer your business a comprehensive and customised array of managed services. Get in touch to learn more.