Returning to Normal Operations: Self-Audit Infograph

by - 5 May 2020
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The last few months have seen us working in a completely different capacity. We have all had to quickly adapt to working away from the office, and in doing so, ensuing we have the right technology in place to support us. 

While we are all waiting to see what the new normal looks like on the other side of this eventually, we will return to working in the office. 

There have been a lot of audit tools published recently on the subject of what you need to work away from the office, we have also posted advice on this topic (see here)! But, what do you need at the other end? What about a return to normal audit?

It is important to prepare your business for it’s next pivot so you’re ready to hit the ground running when we do see our new normal arriving. 

You don’t want your staff to return to the office only to wait around for their computers to update or to have your calls routing to the wrong place.

We have created a self-audit for you to assess your business’ technology readiness for the arrival of our new normal:

Technology Self-Audit