Our Guide to Sophos’ Cybersecurity Suite

by - 27 April 2021
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As a Sophos Platinum Partner, we have over 10 years of experience in implementing Sophos cybersecurity products for hundreds of businesses across Australia.

The Sophos cybersecurity suite is second to none, they are continuously innovating, and exploring the latest technologies and cyber trends, ensuring their preventative and protective applications are best placed to protect businesses from today’s trending cyber threats.

Here is a breakdown of our favourite Sophos products and technologies and why we choose to partner with them.

Sophos Security Heartbeat

Sophos has developed an innovative link that connects firewalls and endpoint protection. It is an industry first and is something only Sophos technology can deliver.

This link, Security Heartbeat, intelligently analyses information from both your workstations and your firewall. That means you can configure your security settings to instantly and automatically, isolate or remove access from a compromised system.  

For example, if one computer on your network is accessed by hackers and your firewall identifies it, the firewall can automatically remove internet access to that computer, so the hacker also loses access. 

Sophos Endpoint Protection with Intercept X

Sophos’ Endpoint Protection is an all-encompassing anti-virus and anti-malware platform, built to protect your computer from most cyber threats. Utilising technology like deep machine learning, it can detect both known and unknown malware, without relying on signatures.  

Ransomware encrypts your files and blocks your access to them until you pay a ransom. At which point they may unlock access to your files, or they may be lost forever. It is one of the biggest cyber threats to business today. 

Intercept X features CrytoGaurd which prevents the malicious and spontaneous encryption of data carried out by ransomware. Intercept X intercepts the encryption process and CryptoGard works to revert your files back to their safe state.

Sophos XG Firewalls

Sophos’ range of XG firewalls introduces an innovative way to manage your firewall and cybersecurity suite. Forming part of their synchronised security platform, these next-generation firewalls are designed to work in conjunction with your entire Sophos security suite. 

This means, if a computer in your network is infected with a virus, the Endpoint Protection on that computer can communicate with your Sophos Firewall, your firewall can then block access to that computer, containing the threat before it spreads around your network. 

Sophos has a free VPN product that works with their firewalls. You can use this to grant your team secure access to your systems, from anywhere. It is another part of the synchronised security piece, working to keep your entire business safe online.

Sophos Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) 

Endpoint Detection & Response is an add-on analytics tool for Intercept X. It shows you where a cyber breach entered your business, the path it then took, including every digital asset it touched.

This provides invaluable information that your IT Support team can use to rectify the actions of the breach. Giving them a clear path for responding to breaches, helping you to prevent a large scale attack and giving you information that you may legally need to provide to the Australian government. 

Want to learn more about Sophos? Our team are Sophos certified and would love to help. Get in touch to learn more.