How One Transport Business Successfully Drove Into the 21st Century By Way of the Cloud

by - 21 March 2018
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Ventura Bus Lines found itself fighting many of the complications that come along with having a mature business status. If they were going to continue to grow at the rate at which they needed, they had to prioritise ways to improve efficiency in their own internal operations. IT was identified as a prime area for not only these efficiencies and optimisations but also in terms of cost savings. However, this was a challenge that they couldn’t handle on their own. 

Ventura Bus Lines was an expert in transportation after all, not IT. They needed a partner who understood their market and customers and an expert who could properly align their technology infrastructure with their long-term goals. After a substantial review to ensure that they were getting a cost-effective service, Ventura Bus Lines knew it needed an IT managed service provider that could provide more than just an IT solution — they needed a resource that could be leveraged to guarantee a better outcome all day, every day, no exceptions.

Thankfully, they quickly found that partner.

Enter: Powernet

Organisational leaders at Ventura Bus Lines quickly selected Powernet, not just as an MSP but also to provide IT management consultancy and a full review of their internal IT operations.

After taking the necessary time to get to know Ventura Bus Line’s unique market and the ins and outs of their business model, Powernet got to work on providing a highly consultative and transparent review of potential services they could offer. This gave birth to a fully objective report of the actionable differences between current operations and potential future enhancements, which also identified different options for cost savings as well.

The initial consultation period was such a success that Ventura Bus Lines continued to utilise Powernet for a full array of IT services. From cloud migration to infrastructure solutions, project and IT management, business support and beyond, Powernet quickly became just the right partner that Ventura Bus Lines needed. But more importantly, this partnership between Powernet and Ventura Bus Lines began several years ago when both first saw the potential of establishing a great working relationship with each other.

Continued Growth By Way of the Cloud

As Ventura Bus Lines continued to grow and evolve over the last few years, its partnership  with Powernet has continued. Powernet has worked diligently to meet Ventura Bus Line’s changing IT requirements in its market. Along the way, Powernet has also identified several different opportunities to reduce the complexity of Ventura’s IT environment, made maintenance easier, and helped them save on costs when possible.

Over the last few years, Powernet has been incredibly proud of the opportunity to provide Ventura Bus Lines with a full scope of services. In fact, recent projects have included a full-data center migration, significant platform upgrades, the integration of newly acquired companies, network consolidation and even the introduction of a sophisticated service ticket management system.

In his incredibly satisfied testimonial, Andrew Cornwall (Executive Chair of Ventura) said it best when he said:

“Powernet has provided Ventura with advice and support that has resulted in significant savings in our annual IT budget. At the same time IT support to our workforce has significantly improved as a consequence of us having a Services Agreement with Powernet.”

Still, both parties recognise that the partnership is far from over. The market continues to change at a faster rate every day and Ventura Bus Lines needs to change along with it. Powernet is fully committed to continue working closely with Ventura Bus Lines and is honoured to be considered a trusted business partner that is mission-critical to the ongoing success of the organisation. 

Ventura Bus Lines is just one example of a company that Powernet has been pleased to help over the years and there have been many others. If you’d like to learn more about how Powernet can assist your organisation as an IT managed service provider, or if you have any additional questions about concepts like cloud computing that you’d like to see answered, don’t delay — contact us today.