The Best iPhone Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

by - 11 August 2020
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We’ve taken a stroll through the iOS app store to find the iOS apps you need but may have missed, here are seven iPhone apps you probably haven’t heard of but should check out.

Clean up your contacts with Cinder

When was the last time you cleaned up your contact list? If you’re like me, I think about it all the time but never start because it feels like such a big task. Cinder is a free tool making it easy to clean up your contacts. The app will present you with your contacts in a Tinder like card style, that you can swipe to get rid of.

Check the weather with WTForecast 

Part of my morning routine is checking the weather on my phone. WTForecast makes it entertaining to check the weather with some witty remarks.

Create beautiful photos using AirBrush

Another day, another photo editor, AirBrush is our favorite. It actually works and can turn your questionable shots into professional looking photos. The built in fine-tune and quick editing options make it a clear winner.

Check your household products toxicity level with ThinkDirty

Quickly scan or look up any product in your house and find out whether it’s full of toxic chemicals and carcinogens. ThinkDirty will help you to shop cleanly. It is an America app however, you will find most cleaning items found on Australian shelves in the app too. 

Save time by using Shortcuts

As you know we love anything that improves efficiency with technology. Check out our recent post on how to become a keyboard warrior using keyboard shortcuts. 

Shortcuts is built by Apple, and allows you to create shortcuts, actions and workflows for your most repeated tasks. It’s actually pretty cool, you can

For comic and manga enthusiasts check out comiXology

Hosting over 100,000 digital comics, graphic novels and manga from Marvel, DC, Image and more, use comiXology to see everything in the one place. 

Scan your printed photos using PhotoScan by Google Photos

Do you have piles of photo albums with printed photos in them? I know I do, and they used to be the only copies of those photos. Using Google’s PhotoScan app, you can scan your printed photos creating digital copies of them, using your phone camera.  

Keep your family safe online with Microsoft Family Safety 

Create a safe mobile space for your kids to explore online, the Microsoft Family Safety app gives you the ability to block content, set time limits and restrict what is accessible from the app store. You can setup location sharing so you can see where your family members are and encourage your kids to develop healthy digital habits.