What is PowerCONTROL, and how does it keep your network safe?

by - 5 May 2017
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As businesses become increasingly reliant on technology, the scope of the security threats they face grows too. As such, the time and capital investment required to ensure all areas of your IT security are adequately managed is constantly increasing. Attempting to take on this full-time responsibility alongside all other operational requirements leaves many businesses at risk of compromised IT security.

PowerCONTROL is a cloud-based, end-to-end IT security solution that takes the headache out of this vital task by mitigating against potential IT threats without requiring you to allocate precious human resources who could better serve your business elsewhere.

In this article, we’ll look at how PowerCONTROL addresses all areas of your IT security via managed endpoints, backups and security, as well as email filtering.

Managed endpoints proactively protect your IT infrastructure against potential threats.

Instead of you having to spend time anticipating IT threats and dealing with the fallout when disaster strikes, we conduct preventative maintenance and real-time network monitoring of all connected devices using preferred antimalware and antivirus software.

Managed backups mitigate against system failure and costly downtime.

As the volume of business data grows, so does the risk of data loss and likelihood of compromised security. Your business is powered by data, but if you aren’t regularly conducting backups that follow IT health protocol, you risk losing the lifeblood of your business. PowerCONTROL conducts regular backups that protect this vital asset, reducing interruptions to operations and the time and cost associated with conducting manual backups.

Email filtering scans all incoming mail for suspicious content, potential spam and known threats.

The volume of email-based threats and spam show no sign of abating, which calls for a vigorous filtering system to protect your network. Our robust email filtering system offers you an additional layer of protection by removing any potential and known threats before they reach your server or email provider. As well as offering you an increased layer of security, this function reduces the amount of time required to manually manage your inbox.

In order to ensure that your business doesn’t fall prey to IT security breaches or loss of data, you need an end-to-end, cloud-based solution that’s managed by experienced IT health professionals. We make sure that you can spend time on day-to-day operations, without having to worry about compromised IT security. PowerCONTROL helps businesses just like yours, everyday. To find out how PowerNet can help you, take our free IT security health check today.