Why Australian Businesses Are Going Serverless

by - 7 March 2019
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More Australian businesses are choosing to go serverless and the numbers are only set to grow as the advantages of this solution continue to rise. What do we mean by “going serverless?” Exactly as it sounds: abdicating from the use of servers, operating systems, and typical business infrastructure and relying on serverless cloud computing services, such as Microsoft 365, to manage those processes in the background.

Microsoft in particular continues to roll out serverless solutions such as Azure Functions, that take the focus off the infrastructure, allowing business owners to place the emphasis of their resources on creation and innovation.

The building of web applications, IoT back ends, mobile back ends and SaaS integrations are only some of the applications that can be built using a serverless solution, with a complete focus on the end goals. Not only is this simplifying business, but also giving developers the opportunity to focus on spearheading game-changing work in their areas of focus, rather than concerning themselves with managing infrastructure.


Your IT support team will already know the difference between on-premises serverless and in-the-cloud serverless. On-premises serverless solutions benefit businesses that don’t want to pay public cloud providers, but they still want the advantages of serverless technology. This is a more private option for large businesses that can afford their own serverless solution. In-the-cloud serverless relies on the public cloud services that anyone can access and pay for.


The advantages of serverless cloud computing are immense and they’re only seeming to increase in number.

  • Developers can finally innovate and create the way that they were intended to when hired for their roles
  • The service is fully managed, taking away the administrative side of things and allowing businesses to focus on using resources in areas that truly challenge and inspire them.
  • Multiple tools and services can be integrated according to what is required by your development team
  • The user experience of the Microsoft serverless application in particular is clean and smooth, with features integrating together seamlessly
  • Scale the system as you need it, when you need to
  • Only pay for what you use as long as your code is running or for whatever resources are used
  • Access control is managed, authenticated and controlled via the cloud and is simple to put into effect.

Simplify your technology, balance control and flexibility and take your business to the next level.