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Bridge the gap between data and decision making

Give your business the right tools to make empowered, data-driven decisions and build visual representations of data through Microsoft’s Power BI platform.


Insights-driven businesses are growing at an average of more than 30% each year*


Data-driven businesses are 23 times more likely to acquire customers and six times as likely to retain them*


In 2019 90% of large organisations hired a Chief Data Officer*


By 2025 digital data created worldwide is predicted to rise to 163 zettabytes*

Microsoft Power BI Explained

Power BI is a business intelligence solution, built by Microsoft, that provides a way to create reports and dashboards using data from different business apps. The tool is comprised of connectors and software services, allowing you to connect hundreds of different software apps in order to gain insight into your business where you previously couldn’t. 

Business data can come from hundreds of sources, from an Excel sheet on your computer, to Xero in the cloud or an app that lives on a server in your office or an app that lives in Azure. Power BI provides a platform that brings the data from those apps together, connecting them to gain insights into your business

Create dashboards and reports that offer a visual representation of your data, making it easy to generate your regular business reports. In addition to being a visual tool that unifies your data, Power BI is secured by Microsoft’s enterprise grade security architecture, meaning your data is safe with Power BI. 

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The 6 Key Components of Power BI

Power BI is a data analysis tool that can be used for data analysis and reporting from a wide array of sources. Power BI is simple to use and so user friendly that business analysts, admin staff and c level executives can work with it and see the benefits. On the flip side, Power BI is so powerful that it can be used in enterprise systems by BI developers for complex data mash-up and modelling. 


Build a data-driven workplace with business intelligence that everyone can use

End to End Data Protection 

Protect your business data throughout Power BI reports, dashboards, and data sets with persistent protection. Protection that works even when data is shared outside your business or exported into another format. 

Stronger Together 

Power BI interoperates with Azure and the Office suite, giving you the best value from your technology and data. Utilising data from the applications you already trust, you can use data from all areas of your business, productively.

Countless Data Connectors

Holding over 120+ connectors, the connector library is constantly growing. Using these free connectors means everyone can use Power BI to analyse their data, regardless of the application it lives in. 

Get Strong Results from Smart Tools 

Discover and share meaningful data insights with hundreds of visualisations, built-in AI capabilities, seamless Excel integration, and pre-built and custom data connectors.

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