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Business development tech and IT that’s worth the investment

Business development and technology are inseparable in today’s perennially connected digital world. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to ascertain exactly which technologies are worth throwing your money at, and which are Sirens tempting you down a path of poor business decisions and bankruptcy.

Your tech investments need to be calculated and strategic so that they foster growth, show ROI, and improve your business processes. That said, they also need to be adaptable and future-proof enough to withstand the changes in the technological business environment and help you scale.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through several tech and IT areas that are worth your time and investment to support business development.

Use mobile accounting software

The accounting industry has been hit particularly hard by the technological revolution, as many traditional tools and processes are rendered obsolete or, at the very least, inefficient. But from the ashes of outdated and clunky processes rises the unequivocal utility and efficiency of mobile accounting software. Mobile accounting is a great business development tool because it ensures that your financial processes never hold you back. With simplified billing and payment processing available no matter where you are, you can go where business takes you and never skip a beat. Mobile accounting also makes it far easier to employ the services of an outsourced, remote accountant. This can save your company a significant sum in the long run and makes top-level accounting talent available at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. Billcue is a prime example of mobile-friendly accounting done right, with a focus on simplicity and intuitive design.

Automate key processes

For any business to develop and grow, it needs to systematically cut out wasteful processes and optimise the rest. Automation technology is the perfect way to accomplish this, as you can simultaneously make processes more reliable and consistent while freeing up capacity for you and your team. Take document automation, for instance. If you’re a B2B company that sends out proposal after proposal with varying response, investing in proposal automation software can help you increase the number of proposals sent out dramatically, without sacrificing quality or personalisation. Automation can also be applied to processes like ordering office stationery, managing employee leave applications, sending out newsletters to clients and giving staff real-time feedback appraisals.

Invest in cloud technology

Moving core tools and processes to the cloud is arguably the greatest business development investment you can make. It effectively positions your business for unconstrained growth while eliminating the risks and costs of building everything up from scratch. Hosted servers, for instance, are perfect for young companies who can’t afford to commit to extensive server hardware but need to be flexible enough to scale up – and down – at a moment’s notice. Offsite backup is another key cloud service that fosters business development, as you can rest assured that sensitive business data is safe and secure from both physical and non-physical threats. Nothing throws a spanner in the Biz Dev works quite like losing important data at a critical business time.

PowerNET offers cloud for business and outsourced IT solutions that can help secure your business a place in the tech-savvy future. If you want to see how your company’s internal IT processes and infrastructure measure up, take our free IT health check.

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