How to Choose an Antivirus Platform

by - 14 July 2020
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Malware, viruses, phishing, ransomware: it can be a dangerous world online. Cyber threats are ever evolving, and everything is fair game — your personal information, your financial accounts, your privacy.

With the threat landscape changing so rapidly, it’s important to remember cybercriminals are changing their tactics, too. They are finding new ways to gain access to your devices and information.

When thinking about device security software, generally the first thought is of antivirus protection. It is an important component of cybersecurity and digital safety, but it certainly isn’t the only security technology you need. There are other considerations to couple with antivirus, like firewalls, email and web filtering, encryption, containerisation, among other things.

How can you tell the difference between each one and how do you know which is the right one for your home, or your business? Before we explain each one, let’s look at what upload and download speeds mean, something that all internet service providers advertise, but do you really know what it means? 

Since antivirus and security software have gone beyond protecting your computer and other devices from malware and viruses, here are a few extra features to look for when selecting the right security software for your needs.

Multi Device Protection

Generally speaking a good security suite will protect multiple devices – Macs, PCs, Smartphones etc. The platform will understand the needs and risks presented to each device type and will offer comprehensive security for all devices. This shows comprehensive knowledge of security threats and means you might be able to protect multiple devices while paying for once license.

Multiple Threat Protection

The platform you choose should provide protection for as many malicious threats as possible. Look for an anti-virus platform that can protect against malware, spyware, torjans, viruses and ransomware. You don’t need to understand the technical ins and outs of each type of attack but making sure you’re protected against them is key.

Reviews & Reputation

Today most businesses, particularly technology businesses, will have reviews attached to their online presence, check them out. Look at Trust Pilot and read into their awards, some anti-virus companies even offer a money-back guarantee!

Parental controls

Are you looking for an anti-virus platform to protect your family computer? To help keep your family safe online have a look for parental controls. Both Macs and PCs have some built in features to get you started, coupled with a smart anti-virus can take protection to the next level. Have a look for content filters and time supervision features.


Businesses will have their own, business grade firewalls setup that tick along in the background protecting their workforce but at home, we may not have access to this setup. All reputable security software use smart firewall to help safeguard private information and financial data. It will help block malicious information from entering or your information from leaving your network without your consent.

Virus Removal Tool

Check out what removal tools are available with the software. Your chosen platform should have a tool ready to help you remove malicious software from your computer and offer advice on how to get rid of the more tricky ones.

Still not sure? We’re here to help! Reach out to our sales team with any questions.

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