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Remote Desktop Usage During COVID-19 and Working From Home

As the pandemic stretches on it’s becoming increasingly clear that the emergency measures many businesses used at the beginning of the outbreak need to last longer than we expected. That means looking for solutions that work in the long term, not just the short term.

With more businesses relying on remote support services it’s time to start considering all their options.

One option that’s relatively easy for businesses to implement, but still offers good security, is to have employees connect to a remote desktop from home.

Here’s what you need to know about remote desktops, how they work, and what you should prepare for when your business decides to use one.

Advantages of Using a Remote Desktop When Working From Home

Remote desktops allow computers and other devices to connect remotely but are treated like they are part of the local desktop once connected. That means that you can access all of the programs your employees need directly. That helps eliminate delays and improve connection security for your employees.

A remote desktop is treated like any other computer connected to your business servers.

Clear Permissions

One of the advantages of using a remote desktop is that it's easy to set up permissions and other settings to help control what files and programs different users can access. You can easily set up different kinds of users, and then assign employees a specific role when they log in.

Ease of Setup

Assuming you have hardware able to handle the demands of a remote desktop, setup is relatively simple. Most remote IS security providers can help businesses set up a remote desktop, or your business’s IT team may be able to do it on their own.

These desktops are also often easier to use than a VPN or other kind of remote access, which makes them more efficient for workers.

Remote desktops can also be set up to allow monitoring and other productivity features to be installed for your whole company. That means you aren’t losing the ability to control or closely monitor employees just because they are working remotely instead of right in the office.


A lot of businesses are concerned about their internet security, especially since cyber attacks are getting more common and more aggressive when they happen. A lot of remote IT support these days is about finding ways for remote employees to connect safely and securely.

Fortunately, remote support services for remote desktops are very secure and can help address a wide range of problems, including security concerns.

Remote desktops also have several other security advantages. For one thing, remote desktops back up your information to the cloud and can be set up to backup at regular intervals to help keep all your employee's work protected. Cloud uploading also makes it easier to backup your data and prevent data loss in case of a breach.

Just as importantly, moving data off individual computers and hard drives into a remote desktop make it accessible from anywhere and any internet-connected device. Added accessibility might not seem like an important security measure, but it does improve the overall security of your system.

Our guide to working from home addresses both security and the personal and business implications of working from home during the pandemic.

24/7 Access

One of the advantages of a remote desktop is that it makes it easier for remote employees to connect when they need to. 24/7 desktop access is available anywhere with a good enough connection. Remote support services are also often available 24/7 to help address problems for employees.

That’s great for businesses that want to adopt a more flexible work schedule, or for employees who might be needed outside of normal business hours. That’s great for salaried workers and upper management that might get called in outside of their normal shifts or might need to connect to work on a project outside of their normal hours.

Connect to All Your Work Programs

A lot of businesses worry that they won’t be able to use the software and programs they usually use if they start working remotely. The good news is that a remote desktop can be connected to any programs you need, either through online connections or by installing the software onto the remote desktop.

Once you’ve connected to a remote desktop it’s easy to access any programs that have been installed, assuming you have the user permissions to access them.

That means that you won’t have to connect to multiple different desktops or VPNs to access the programs you need. You’ll only need to access one remote desktop and you’re ready to go.

Boost Productivity and Morale

One surprising advantage of remote desktops is that they can make working remotely a great way to boost productivity and morale. Remote desktops don’t take a lot of time and are often less temperamental than other kinds of remote connections.

That means that remote workers can potentially save a lot of time. After all, connecting to a remote desktop is a lot faster than most people’s commute to work.

Being able to install the same productivity software on your remote desktop also allows you to keep an eye on productivity, just as closely as if they were in the office. But the extra time and comfort from being able to work remotely can help boost morale at the same time.

Remote Desktop Support

Getting remote IT support doesn’t have to be difficult. We offer a wide range of remote support services, including cloud computing in Melbourne, as well as remote IT support in Melbourne. That’s not our only location, we also offer remote IT support in Brisbane, and have remote IT support in Sydney. That way we can address your business’s needs, no matter which city you’re in.

Since remote desktops are relatively easy to set up and are usually stable, you may not need many remote support services to help with your remote desktop. However, we offer a range of remote support services designed for businesses to help keep your system stable.

Just because work is a little different with Covid-19 doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. We can help you find the IT solutions you need to thrive, even in the middle of a pandemic.

Not sure what remote support services have to offer you? Here’s some of how you can benefit from remote support.

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