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The Secrets to Great IT Support

It's no secret how essential IT support is to the smooth running of a business. From start-ups to mature businesses,  there is always a need for active IT support in a business. 

For the effective and smooth running of business operations, IT support teams focus on securing business information and providing business cybersecurity and business email security, preventing potential threats and keeping your team cyber safe. 

Research Your Market

A clear survey of the market is required, helping in decision making and giving an idea of how business IT support should look and run in your industry. Learning how they work is essential, dig in a little more and learn about how your competitors, peers and customers do IT support in their business. 

Research into what your different locations need, we run IT support teams in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and each location has its own unique requirements. 

Create The A-Team

Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team. Creating a quality team is the first and fundamental step in setting up business IT support. Assembling a team of quality personnel requires selecting candidates for interviews and vetting.

You have a mental picture of the type of team you want: You should ask the necessary questions and vet each person properly. While you can leave this task to HR, remember that IT failures can crumble a business, especially when you run a business that handles vital and high-valued information.

- Test them with each app they would use.

- Do they align with your company values? 

- Would they fit in with your company culture, perhaps there are skills missing that can be taught but they would be a great culture fit. 

- Hire people with a proven record of productivity: an IT support environment can be high paced and high stress, looking for those skills amongst your candidates is essential.

Set Goals and Evaluate Performance

Running a team is efficiently done when there is a metric to measure success. Setting goals and targets allow the team to focus and work towards a common goal, these standards and metrics would also help the team to track performance levels.

Through real-time statistics, you will identify areas to improve, consistent progress, reveal strengths of team members and help IT managers to determine training and support that will enhance team productivity. Tracking data such as customer satisfaction rate and any form of feedback can help in checking progress levels.

Reviews help in monitoring how well tasks are been handled by your team. Deploying the use of KPIs to monitor performance on business objectives is an efficient means to evaluate performance.

Empower Your Team

Bring out the best from your team by ensuring a conducive and competitive work environment. Excellence thrives in a competitive and cooperative environment; hence you should always allow individual and team creativity and provide the right toolsets to work with.

Create Rewards and Incentives

Create rewards and incentives based on your company values, to drive the culture you want your company to be known for. Run competitions to create a healthy motivation amongst your IT support teams, giving them something to work towards.

Maintain Certifications for Your IT Support Team

Work towards new certifications, as this allows you to stay updated on trends, new developments, and new opportunities. In addition, adding to and updating your business certification portfolio, makes your business attractive to prospective clients and employees.

Some popular certifications to you can include among your IT support teams include:

- Information Technology Infrastructure Library(ITIL)

- Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP)

- ISO Quality Certification

- Project Management Certifications

Final Thoughts

A well-thought-out IT support team handles customer and in-house technical issues, handles security, foresees and forestalls security breaches, works with external IT support, champions new programs, teaches non-technical members how to use programs, enhances collaborative efforts of different team members, and so much more.

In addition, a great IT team improves the technical, administrative, and hierarchical setup of a business. Do you want to know how to build a high-delivering and productive IT Support team for your business?

Powernet has over 27 years of experience as an MSP, and can help you with your IT support needs. Get in touch today to learn more.

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