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The Tech Tools You Can Use to Supercharge Your Business TODAY

Regardless of the type of organisation you're running or even the industry you're operating in, finding new and innovative opportunities to grow your business is always a top priority. These days, what a lot of people are quickly learning is that driving business growth, generating new clients, and creating the rock-solid foundation you need to build the next decade of success revolves around the unrestricted power of modern technology more often than not.

Case in point: if you really want to supercharge your business and create better outcomes in a way that allows you to grow and evolve over time, there are a wide range of different tech tools that you'll definitely want to learn more about.

Microsoft Office 365

No list of the top tech tools that you can use to supercharge your business would be complete without the mention of Office 365, a 21st century take on the productivity suite that many of us have been using for years. 

Maybe the most important way that Office 365 can help your business is that it's entirely cloud-based, allowing your organisation to keep running efficiently no matter what life happens to throw at it. Even if you're not the victim of a cyber attack, issues like fires and flooding can happen without warning. When you consider that an estimated 25% of small businesses never recover following this type of major disaster, it's easy to see why this is so important.

But more than that, Office 365 allows your employees to work remotely from any location at any time — meaning that the entire world just officially became your office, provided that you have access to an active Internet connection. You no longer have to wait for clients to come to you. You can go straight to them. 

Dynamics 365

Along the same lines we have Dynamics 365, a tool that is often billed as the gateway to digital transformation, something that many organisations like yours have been looking for.

Thanks to Dynamics 365's modular licensing, you select (and pay) for only the apps you need — thus putting you in a better position to come up with the type of customised solution that supports your existing business processes, instead of forcing you to change them. This brings with it a new level in terms of technological flexibility, which can help reduce your ultimate IT costs significantly as well.


OnTask is more than just another piece of workflow automation software, it's an opportunity to streamline and simplify your business like never before. By making things more efficient and eliminating waste whenever you can, you increase your team's productivity levels exponentially. You also create better, more efficient and highly accelerated processes, improve your accuracy on critical tasks like contract management and vendor communication and much, much more. 

Your business is growing — finally, you have the tool you need to help empower that growth.


A growing business literally depends upon its employee's ability to communicate with one another. Communication creates collaboration, and collaboration creates better outcomes and results across the board.

Slack is a tool designed for effortless communication in nearly every setting you can think of. It doesn't matter whether your collaborating one-on-one or in a large team environment, you can set up group chats, attach documents, make Skype calls and more— all for the solid foundation you need to support your business on its continued evolution. 


Running a business that is in the process of growing requires keeping a lot of "plates spinning in the air," so to speak. At any given moment you've got teams who are working on various projects, groups that are collaborating on tasks, and clients who all need constant updates about what they can expect and, more critically, when they can expect it.

Keeping all of that organised as a leader can be an uphill battle on the best of days, but thanks to Basecamp, you finally have the tool you need to make this process more efficient than ever.

Basecamp is an organisational tool that can be integrated with your business on a granular level, allowing you to handle to-do lists, set up schedules, and much more. Not only are reports built into the system so that you can always see where your teams stand on a particular project in real-time, but mobile notifications will also make sure that missed deadlines are not something you have to worry about any longer. All told, it's the perfect way to communicate between company leaders, its employees and its clients, which is ultimately what supercharging your business is all about. 

Supercharge Your Business Today For a Better Tomorrow

At Powernet, we've always believed that technology is just a platform. It's not the end of a story but is instead the beginning of one. And it is one that is far more important within the context of your organisation's long-term success than you may currently realise.

When leveraged properly and aligned with your long-term organisational strategy, modern technology doesn't just make it easier to drive business growth in all the right ways you need. It essentially makes it a forgone conclusion.

If you'd like to find out more information about all of the tech tools that you can use to supercharge your business today, or if you have any additional questions you'd like to get answers to, contact Powernet today. 

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