Why Businesses Outsource their IT

by - 19 February 2021
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In most businesses in the SMB world you will find a collection of individuals who wear many hats. There aren’t large corporate structures and therefore, it often is decided to outsource some of these hats, giving the business space to grow.

A case for outsourcing


Generally, businesses outsource their cleaning, because they do not want their employees to be on a schedule to clean the bathrooms, or the kitchen, or do the vacuuming. They would prefer them to focus on the work they know best and what they were employed for.


In a similar fashion, a lot of businesses choose to outsource their bookkeeping. It can work out to be more cost effective to contract to an accounting firm than it is to employ a single bookkeeper. It also adds redundancy should the employed bookkeeper fall ill or move on to another job.


Recruitment is another area that a lot of businesses will outsource to a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies are trained in workplace psychology and specalise in particular industries, understanding what education, experience and certifications are important for the industry they work in. They can help you cut down on time by conducting the first rounds of interviews, delivering you with only the best candidates for your business. 

Why Businesses Outsource Business Functions

In each of the above cases it was decided that the function was best to be handed to an external party, to take it off the businesses plate so that they could focus on what they do best.

These three reasons for outsourcing are different but end up with the same result. Time, cost, experience, efficiency, and redundancy improvements are the results in all cases.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have a unique pool of knowledge and experience, that can be difficult for businesses in the SMB market to build within their departments.  

IT support and management is no different.

Why Businesses Outsource their IT

Whether it is empowering your remote workforce, supporting your CRM or phone system or IT support, the same case can be built for outsourcing your IT.

– Resources

Do you have the right expertise to hire the right technology experts? Can you afford to pay the salaries of a group of technology professionals?

– Time

Do you have the time to build out an IT department, and will that department have the capacity to manage everything from IT support, to maintaining your IT systems to staying up to date with the latest technology changes? 

– Information

Are you aware of what the industry standard qualifications are, or what the standard qualifications are for your technology platforms? Do you have all the right information to make informed personnel decisions?

– Diversity

We all know that a diverse team brings about the best results. Diversifying your team by utilising an outsourced team is the perfect way to quickly achieve this, while building in redundancy.

Outsourcing your IT support will provide you with a diverse pool of experts that is generally, at a fraction of the cost of employing them yourself.

– Quality of Service, Bound by Contracts

IT support companies like ours are contractually bound to provide a certain level of service, regardless of employee turnover. Knowledge bases must be kept up to date and service levels must be achieved. Outsourcing your IT is a great way to ensure a high level of IT support is always available for your workforce.

A problem we see often is a business will hire an IT Manager, who alone wears all the IT hats – managing technology platforms, providing IT support, managing security, among all the other IT requirements a business has. When that IT Manager moves on from the business, all the IT knowledge goes with them.

Or perhaps an employee needs some IT assistance after hours, an IT support company will usually have 24/7 support available whereas an individual employee will (rightfully so), need a break overnight.

– A Case for a Hybrid Approach 

A better model could be to hire an IT Manager to work with an outsourced IT support provider, leaving the day to day support with an MSP and leadership to your IT Manager. 

Or, you could outsource all of your IT, including leadership, to a managed service provider.  

Whatever your business does, there can be a very compelling case created for outsourcing your IT management and IT support.

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