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Transforming business as we know it

Work from anywhere

Robust Security & Reliability

Subscription Based

Easy collaboration

access to the latest applications

Microsoft Office 365 is a blend of business productivity applications, that supports collaboration and mobility through digital, cloud based, transformation. It is a complete solution for businesses looking for a way to keep their technology flexible. 

Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10 Pro, and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) – are offered at different levels via a number of business subscription plans.

Microsoft Office 365 for business utilises the latest in cloud-based technology to enable employees to work from anywhere, within a cybersecure environment. Giving businesses the opportunity to offer flexibility and productivity around the clock.

Windows 10 gives you a subscription to a lifetime operating system, this means you will never need to buy an operating system again. Windows 10 is a solution that you can keep “for life”, and that is always up to date.

Scalability is one of the biggest advantages of Microsoft 365. As your business changes, your subscription level can scale up or down with it. You have full control over adding or removing additional services through the admin centre. Having all of your business tools in the one toolbox makes it easy to integrate with your other technology platforms.

Powernet will help you identify which Microsoft solution is best suited for your business. Tapping into our deep knowledge and extensive experience of the Microsoft suite, combined with our 26+ years of experience, we’ll help you make the most of the Microsoft product suite. 

Microsoft Office 365 for business – providing you access to the applications you know, whenever and wherever you need them.

Microsoft 365 Apps

The Microsoft 365 suite provides a complete solution for business technology. Your entire business can securely run through Microsoft 365 for business, utilising the apps provided. Better collaboration and improved cyber security are just some of the benefits of Microsoft Office 365.  

  • Access desktop and online versions of Office apps: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote
  • Store and share files with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user.
  • Use one license to cover fully installed Office apps on five mobile devices, five tablets, and five PCs or Macs per user.
  • Automatically update your apps with new features and capabilities every month.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, and the two most recent versions of macOS.
    All languages included.


Along with the core applications, a Microsoft 365 business license will give you access to:

Access, Advanced Threat Analytics, Bookings, Cloud App Security, Edge, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Exchange, Forms, Intune, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Editor, Microsoft Family Safety, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft To Do, Mobile apps, MyAnalytics, Planner, Power Apps, Power Automate, Project, Publisher, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, SharePoint, Skype, Skype for Business, Sway, Visio, Whiteboard, Windows, Workplace Analytics and Yammer

Achieve more

  • Email & Calendars
    Access enterprise-level, secure email technology through Outlook, that can be accessed from your desktop, mobile or browser. Get a 50GB mailbox for each user and send attachments up to 150 MB.
  • Work Across Multiple Devices

    You can install the full Microsoft Office suite, included in your license, on multiple devices. This means you can install the Office suite on your work computer, and home computer, without paying extra.

  • Apps to Run Your Business

    You can run your finances through Microsoft 365, using Microsoft Invoicing, Microsoft Bookings, and MileIQ.

Work from anywhere

Increasing flexibility and productivity is something almost all businesses strive for.  

Using Microsoft 365 for business, you can simplify this for your team, allowing them to  securely switch devices, and safely work from anywhere in the world. 

Powerful Security & Reliability

We all know that Cybersecurity is an essential part of every business today. Gain access to Microsoft’s enterprise grade security through Microsoft 365. With features built in like two factor authentication, data loss prevention, encrypted email, advanced threat analytics and mobile device management.

Subscription Based

Flexible pricing that is available on a month-to-month basis, makes it simple for businesses to pay only for what they need. 

One invoice and payment cover the entire Microsoft 365 suite, calculated per-user per month and according to the plan that you choose for your business. 

If a team member leaves the business, the monthly subscription can be altered and reduced immediately. You don’t have the hassle of long contract terms, or having to pay for licenses you no longer need. 

Keep your IT budget as efficient as possible and only pay for what you need.

Simple collaboration

Microsoft 365 for business offers multiple channels of communication. Using Teams, you can chat, call, video call, run webinars or live events, share and collaborate on files, among many other things.

Collaboration features are available in all of the Microsoft Office apps, you can collaborate in whichever way suits you and your team, all from the one place. 

In addition, you can securely collaborate with people outside of your business within your Microsoft 365 environment, making it even easier to get things done.

Access to The Latest Apps

Gone are the days of paying to upgrade your version of Office each time Microsoft releases a new one. Using Microsoft 365 for business, you will always have access to the latest version of Office and the other apps included in your license.

Teams, OneDrive, Forms, PowerApps, Calendar, Newsfeed, People, Video, Flow, Power-BI, Mail, Collaboration, Sway, Yammer, Tasks, Delve, OneNote, SharePoint, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Dynamics 365, Project and Planner are included as part of the Microsoft 365 core suite of apps.


If your business hasn’t moved to the cloud yet, you’re not alone. Many  businesses have yet to make the move or are in the process of doing so. For those that have already moved to the cloud, there is no turning back but only an increase in their investment of cloud-based technology.

Why? Because cloud-computing is the way of the future. It is the most logical step you can take for your business to ensure longevity, productivity, complete collaborative efforts among peers and most importantly, security. By having your business running on a solution like Microsoft 365, you are automatically enabling your teams to work proactively, productively and from anywhere in the world. Everything is updated in real-time and your entire business can run off the same platform. There is no need for comprehensive server systems to be put in place at your offices, in fact offices are no longer required when everything related to the business is stored in the cloud.

Employees can actively collaborate on documents stored in the cloud, and can update them in real-time so that the next person in a different time zone can access the same document immediately after changes have been saved. Security is constantly monitored and updated, ensuring that your business is operating on the most up-to-date system at all times.

Your business can take full advantage of a whole host of
benefits associated with Microsoft Office 365, without the need to download software, effect individual installations etc. Your cloud-based service is paid for according to the number of users who need it, no more and no less.

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