Top 5 Plugins for Google Chrome in 2021

by - 7 October 2021
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Google Chrome is still one of the most popular web browsers out there, but it isn’t perfect. Using the right plugins adds a lot of functionality and can make Chrome a lot more efficient. Not to mention that some of these plugins can help Chrome be less of a resource hog, faster, and safer.

Here are the top 5 plugins for Google Chrome in 2021:


Keeper is one of the best password tools currently available. It’s designed to help remember passwords, and can also generate unique passwords as needed for new accounts. The fill settings allow Keeper to automatically fill in both your username and password on all the sites you use.

Plus, since your login information is stored locally and encrypted, it’s very safe. Keeper helps protect your passwords and personal information from hacking attempts and other means of getting into your accounts.

Keeper lets users add their usernames and passwords manually, or collects them as you use different websites. That way you can create a comprehensive personal database without having to spend hours entering passwords.

Lastly, Keeper also allows users to share login information with others, making it easier to securely maintain group passwords. Shared passwords are provided and fill in automatically, but aren’t revealed to the people you share with.

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is designed to make it simple to store snippets of information from web browsing, without having to save the whole website unless you want to. You can save quotes, images, files, and even links to organized folders for easy access.

Save to Pocket also makes any saved tabs or files available on multiple devices. Any device that has Save to Pocket installed will have instant access to the files and information you store there, making it a good option to share information as well as store it.


FoxClocks is a simple idea, but well-executed and helpful enough that it’s hard to ignore. If you have friends across the planet or are part of a remote work team, FoxClocks is one of the easiest ways to track different global time zones.

FoxClocks also tracks daylight savings time and other local time changes, making it easy to figure out what time it is in any location.

Simply choose the locations you want to track in the plugin and add it to Chrome’s taskbar. You’ll have an easy way to check the time anytime you’re in Chrome. You can also add or remove specific time zones whenever you choose.


Ghostery is an ad-blocker, but better. It blocks ads, tracking codes, and other background tracking information from being collected. Not only does that make it easier to navigate the web without constant advertising, but it also protects your personal information from sites that collect and sell that information.

The other benefit of running Ghostery is that it improves site performance and reduces slowdowns.

Plus, it’s easy to whitelist specific sites and pages as needed with Ghostery, both as a one-time allowance and permanently.

Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler was designed with heavy use internet users in mind. If you constantly have a dozen or more internet tabs open, Tab Wrangler can help you store that information without stressing your computer’s processor and RAM. It makes Chrome a lot more efficient and a lot faster.

Final Thoughts

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