What are Cloud Services and Managed IT Services?

by - 8 December 2020
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Cloud services and managed IT services are two buzz phrases that are commonly heard through the tech and business worlds. Here’s what they mean

What are Cloud Services?  

Cloud services refers to technology that can be accessed from anywhere, is generally owned and maintained by another company and is paid for through a subscription. 

For example, your company website, most commonly businesses use cloud services through Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, HubSpot or something similar. Your website is actually sitting on a big computer (server) somewhere in the world that is owned and maintained by those companies. 

Another example of cloud services is apps like Xero, Salesforce or Microsoft 365. These applications all live on servers, owned and maintained by the companies that own them, when you subscribe to them, you gain access to the applications through a web portal.

There are different types of cloud services, check out our page on cloud services to learn more. 

What are Cloud Managed Services? 

Managed services are the support add on that compliments having a cloud service. Perhaps you have an application like MYOB that sits on a server in the cloud, that server needs to have security patches installed, regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure it’s cybersafe and operating optimally. Managed services generally also provide IT support to your team. 

Managed services are an important addition to consider for any cloud service. They can help to keep you safe from a cyberbreach and also ensure that your technology is running at it’s best. 

Cloud Managed Service Providers

Cloud Managed IT service providers specialise in proving support and maintenance services to businesses who have applications in the cloud.

We have a great deal of experience in providing cloud support services for AWS, Azure and other public cloud environments as well as providing IT support to teams who use cloud apps in their business. 

Selecting an IT support partner to service your cloud environment, that understands the different technical and legal configurations that are unique to cloud environments, is critical to the successful and compliant running of your technology. 

Why Move to The Cloud

The cloud offers a flexible, cost effective and simple way to run your business’ technology. Giving you the ability to scale up and down (add and remove team members) on the fly and removing the liability of owning servers and undergoing large scale IT projects every 3 to 5 years. 

How Powernet Can Help

At Powernet, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer cloud services and other managed IT solutions that bring businesses all of the advantages of the cloud. Backed by our decades of experience and industry-leading expertise, we have what it takes to truly make the cloud the heart of your business tech strategy.

If you’d like to find out more information between the major difference between private, public, and hybrid cloud technology, or if you’d just like to find out more about what a managed cloud service provider can do for you, get in touch, we would love to discuss how we can move your technology to the cloud.