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The Best Add-On Apps for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has quickly become the workplace standard for communication and collaboration. There are a number of plugins available to make your Teams experience faster and more entertaining. 

Here are the top 6 plugins for Microsoft Teams in 2021:


Polly allows team members to create polls in Microsoft Teams chat. Creating a poll is easy, the add-on is simple to use, and using polls is a great way to gauge team opinions quickly. You can even use Polly to see where team members are on their current task if they think you need more or less time on a project, and other important ways to track how your team is doing.


Gives team members the ability to give other team members karma points, and also creates a leaderboard for who has been given the most points. Karma helps encourage a positive environment and gives you and your team the ability to say thank you when coworkers are being helpful, positive, or especially productive.

Karma can also be used as a way to promote a specific team culture, to encourage ethical behavior, and other positive traits. Plus, you can tie Karma points to real-world perks and rewards to help encourage people to do, and be, their best.


Wiki allows your team to create a shared knowledge repository very much like Wikipedia specific to your projects or to your team as a whole. That way you’ll have to spend less time searching for what you need. Since Wiki can also be updated as needed, it’s also a good way to keep team documents and reference materials as updated as possible.


Trello is a productivity app that adds task boards, lists, and other project management tools to your Microsoft Teams interface. Once you integrate Trello into Microsoft Teams for Business you can also get Trello notifications and other reminders to help keep yourself on task.


Mural is a fantastic app to add to Microsoft Teams if you have a lot of very visual thinkers on your team, or if you want to be able to create visual information for presentation. You’ll be able to create diagrams easily. Plus, Mural makes collaborating easier by sending private collaboration invitations to the team members added to a new diagram.

Microsoft Streams

Adding Microsoft Stream makes it easier to create and share videos without having to leave the team's environment. Instead of relying on a Microsoft partner for videos or video support, Microsoft Stream is designed to work directly in Teams. That also improves file integrity, which makes it easier to keep training and reference videos without having to worry about errors.

Final Thoughts

If you aren’t sure what plugins can help your Microsoft Teams experience, using an Australian MSP to manage your IT support can help. As a Certified Gold Microsoft Partner, with teams across Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, we’re happy to help answer any questions you have, install new plugins, and act as a Microsoft integrator to help address all your IT support requirements. 

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