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Windows 11 - Here’s What You Need to Know

In the tech world, updates are common. The Windows updates have been occurring for years, bringing devices up to speed with new Microsoft operating system patches and advances. If you own a device with Windows, you are likely aware of the Windows 11 update. There are many things to be familiar with before the Windows 11 release date.

Read on to learn about everything you should know about Windows 11 for business and beyond. The changes happening are subtle, but they can make all the difference for those who take advantage of Windows 11 for business and beyond with the Microsoft Operating System.

Teams Integration Will Happen

Teams is a videoconferencing and messaging tool that gained speed over the pandemic. Previously, Teams came in a secondary application that needed to be installed separately to use. The new Windows 11 update will integrate Teams and allow easy access on any device.

This integration will:

- Make communication between coworkers easier
- Provide invitations to those who do not have the service
- Allow texting to cell phones from a PC

These all come from the integration with the Window 11 update.

Those who use Windows 11 for business will find this upgrade useful. If your group is still struggling after the update, you can turn to our Microsoft Office 365 Business Support for help. We offer Microsoft Office 365 support Australia wide, through our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

There Will Be Faster Performance 

Windows 11 is set to speed up the overall performance of your system. This means the time spent logging in and getting everything set up within your system will be reduced significantly. This update makes the Windows 11 release date exciting for users, particularly those who utilise Windows 11 for business.

With faster performance, there comes a longer battery life as energy is utilised more efficiently. Businesses can get more done through the Windows 11 platform in any work environment. Windows 11 has taken the shift to online working over the past few years to heart in this new update.

Security Will Increase

Along with an increase in speed comes greater security with devices that utilize Windows 11. It is reported that the new technology might require all PCs to have a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 security chip and Secure Boot capability.

Better security means:

- Businesses can feel safer working from home
- Data is more secure on your PC
- Companies run less risk of losing consumer or company data

These are some of the benefits that come with improved security, though there are many more you will discover.

Our Microsoft Office 365 Business Support can help you ensure your system is as secure as possible. This update will make all the difference for those who use Windows 11 for business as it will bring a peaceful state of mind for those worried about the increase in internet hackers.

Layouts Will Shift

Overall, many layouts will shift on the Windows platform. This change might take a moment to get used to, but the learning curve should not be too steep. The alterations are created with a purpose in mind.

A few of the layout changes that will occur include:

- The addition of Teams as a button for simple access
- A redesigned setting with a constant left menu
- Incorporation of widgets
- A narrowed taskbar
- Beneficial snap layouts

These are just a few layout changes that will happen.

Some might not enjoy the changes, but many will appreciate the alterations. It’s a big, but beneficial, update to the entire Windows 11 system.

Multiple Desktop Options

With the new update, you can have different backgrounds for varying desktops you utilize. If you have a work desktop, you can have a different background and setup than the one you take advantage of for personal reasons

Varying snap layouts can also be put into each desktop option. There are many personalization options you have with each desktop. With the Windows 11 update, you can create a separate environment for each part of your life. This is especially vital in a world where everything exists in the online world, both in play and fun.

New Sounds

This is a small change, but the introduction of Windows 11 will bring new sounds to the Microsoft system. Previously, the sounds have been a little harsh to the ear and startling when powering up the PC or providing notifications. This update has made the sounds softer to deal with and more calming to the ear.

With the easing up on the noise, you can expect fewer startling moments when opening up Windows. This change is tiny, but it can make all the difference in the experience you have when you go online every single day.

Android Apps Will Be in The Store

Eventually, the Windows 11 update will allow you to run Android applications on your PC. Though this will not happen right away, Windows is ahead of Apple with this move. This adaptation will likely take time to complete, but this is a step in an advanced direction.

This move includes applications such as:

- Nova Launcher
- Weather Timeline
- Podcast Republic

These items will potentially be available on PC with the Windows 11 update.

This portion of the change will not be perfect at first, but this is a first for the world of PC. Apple will soon follow if all goes well with what Windows 11 for business and beyond brings forward.

Final Thoughts

Windows 11 is a powerful update that both companies and individuals will find useful in their everyday tasks. From introducing a faster performance to integrating the Teams app right into the platform, there is a lot of good that will come by updating your system and embracing Windows 11 for business and home.

If you need help dealing with this new system, we provide Microsoft Office 365 support across Australia, from our IT support offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

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