How Antoun used Powernet to Boost their Cybersecurity 

Antoun is an internationally diverse civil construction and engineering business that focuses on bringing advanced technologies and innovative solutions to its clients and the broader community.

As the authority in mission-critical infrastructure, its specialised and experienced team utilises their own ‘E6 Methodology‘ to solve infrastructure challenges across a broad range of industry sectors.

Antoun specialises in:

  • Expedient pavements
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction
  • Rehabilitation and repairs
  • Delivery of concrete
  • Earthworks and excavation
  • Demolition
  • Specialised equipment – including their own fleet of volumetric mobile mixers
  • Specialised products – including Rapid Set (high early structural strength BCSA concrete) 

Our experience with Powernet was very good. The entire Powernet team were very knowledgeable, professional and flexible to suit our business requirements. There was never a need for follow ups and the teams proactively kept us up to date on progress and ETAs so we always knew where we were throughout the project.

Antoun Fav
Peter Philipp
IT Manager


Antoun wanted to boost their cybersecurity, they were running a resource-hungry and ineffective anti-virus solution. They wanted visibility over real-time threats with the ability to trace the root cause of such threats and take immediate action to threats, if and when required. Finally, they wanted to modernise their cybersecurity, bringing their protection up to today’s standards.

We have tightened and increased our security posture with no notable restrictions to the user experience and have many more features to activate and configure over time..‘ says Philipp

Antoun IT support
Antoun IT support 2



I had engaged with Powernet on projects in a previous company so was well aware of their professional services and experience in this area. At the conclusion of a review and tendering process for this project, Powernet came through with the superior solution and as such was selected as the option of choice‘ says Philipp.

After several meetings to discuss requirements and the options available, Antoun proceeded with a high-availability pair of Sophos XG230 firewall appliances running FullGuard, replaced their endpoint security platform with Sophos Central, Intercept X Advanced with EDR and MTR. 

This gives Antoun several layers of security, in-depth insight into real-time threats and the ability to respond quickly to cyberattacks. Intercept X works specifically to protect against ransomware attacks. EDR and MTR work to document how and when a breach occurred and what path it took in a system. These security platforms work together and put Antoun in the best position to protect itself against today’s cybersecurity threats. 


 The Results

Antoun has a robust cybersecurity technology suite that puts them in the best possible position to defend against today’s cybersecurity landscape. Their IT support teams have the best tools available now to monitor, track and trace threats coming into their business.

The cybersecurity technology implemented doesn’t drain the resources of their computers, giving their team the best experience with their computers, whilst remaining cybersecure.

‘We wanted better and increased IT security protection both within our office as well as for our remote users. With our data and user numbers growing as well as the increased threat landscape that seems to ever-growing and developing, we wanted a highly secure, robust and effective security defence that would protect our data, users and clients.

I would definitely recommend Powernet for its services and expertise. We have future projects coming up and I plan to involve them in the discussions on these.

Powernet are very good at talking through the environment, requirements and restrictions to come up with a number of suitable options to review. They have been very open and frank about what they are able to assist on and the likely costs involved so well worth the time to meet and hear what they can provide. I have also been updated on changing events and options from previous discussions so even after older discussions have remained aware of new options emerging which was great’ says Philipp’